Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Survivorman”

Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Survivorman”

Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Survivorman”

Adventure Canadian Les Stroud in Fagaras ended well. Bold famous producer of the documentary “Survivorman” is ready to show others how to survive the wilds massif, without any supplies. The episode filmed in Fagaras Mountains will air on Discovery Channel in December this year.

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Best known as the Canadian Screen Award winning producer, creator and star of the hit TV series Survivorman (OLN Canada, The Science Channel US, …

Les Stroud, the hero of the documentary “Survivorman” aired on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel recently completed filming a new episode of the popular television series. Survival expert and a team of seven cameramen and producers of Fagaras Mountains checked in yet another cycle theme that made him famous – the “disappearance” to the mountains Arges – all to show others how to survive in wilderness thereof. Rescue Arges survivor who was on the trail throughout the adventure was filmed alone, each of the groups of rescuers accompanied by a camera crew from the Canadian. “Jesus Christ!” At the first exclamation fairytale landscape visual impact of Fagaras The hero and his team had a nice time and were shooting match. “On the first night, when we got to Cota 2000, Les Stroud failed to notice anything because of darkness, but the next morning, because of the superb views, exclaimed: Jesus Christ! He wanted the first two days to walk alone in the mountains, during which we sat with the technical team who filmed landscapes in Fagaras. The weather held with the team, and what will be filmed downright spectacular “said director Rescue Arges, Ion Sanduloiu.

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Les Stroud (born October 20, 1961) is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and …

For 4 days, Canadian filmmaker was “lost” in the mountains, where he tried and succeeded to feed on what nature offered. “Before you start your adventure, we showed him a few plants that can be eaten. He preferred to stay longer in the forest and fed on grass and fresh leaves of beech. She made tea from pine needles, told us that he saw a wolf, but how he managed to survive, step by step, we see only the dissemination of material in December, “says Ion Sanduloiu. Arges mountain rescuers organized search intrepid adventurer in real terms. The only person who knew his exact position (only for security reasons) was director of Rescue Arges. “Les Stroud asked us not even find him quickly. It acted like a regular tourist, and at some point you are lost. He gave us some pointers, explaining that left us Călţun to the East, he did not know exactly how many hours went, it went from the marker and that went south. The next day we found him, “says John Sanduloiu. Areas of snow in the mountain rescuers have searched the Canadian were investigated and avalanche dogs, as searching for “the missing” assumed including its alleged injury and unable to move. While survival expert tried to meet the challenge of our mountains, the technical team, whose base was established at Cabana Rescue Arges – Cota 2000 Transfăgărăşan continued to film. “Note that shooting was done using drones and, as expressed by Canadian filmmaker himself, will get a very dynamic material, which most likely will surpass the famous” Wild Carpathia “, Prince Charles of Great Britain “says Ion Sanduloiu.

Les Stroud said he was impressed by the mountains of Fagaras and wilderness landscapes Argeşului story. “I think it will get the best episode of the 15 years since filming this show,” said Les Stroud, the first images to surprise the drone. The episode filmed in Fagaras Mountains will air on Discovery Channel in December this year. The crew lost one of the drones After the incident at Les Stroud‘s arrival in Romania, when the airport was found that some luggage had been lost filmmaker, Canadian adventure in our country has recorded an episode undesirable. “One of drone was lost Paltinu Valley area. I looked it up on Monday night, but I managed to find it. Probably somewhere on up through the trees. Too bad for images captured with that device, “says Head of Rescue Arges. About his documentary Les Stroud “Survivorman” is a documentary that is performed over 15 years, the first of its kind, Les Stroud is the one who initiated this show format. It is the only Canadian who “does the best ‘. The filmmaker enters the skin of a person who has just lost. The series does not follow a predetermined scenario, but simply trying to replicate real situations of survival, unprepared and without technical support team.

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