Johnny Depp has bought an island in Greece

Johnny Depp

US actor Johnny Depp bought the uninhabited Greek island Stroggilo. The artist has paid 4.3 million euros for a land area of ​​about 0.2 square kilometers.

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The star 52-year-old became the owner Stroggilo island, whose surface is about 0.2 square kilometers, write .

The acquisition was brokered by London company Proto Organization Ltd, which offered advice and spouses Braddi Pitt and Angelina Jolie, when they decided to buy Greek island Sogia Gaia.

 Steven Taylor, spokesman Proto Organization, said during this period many celebrities showed interest to buy land in Greece.

Recently, American tycoon Warren Buffett, together with an Italian investor, bought the Greek island of Agios Thomas, located in the Saronic Gulf near Athens.

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