Most interesting tourist destinations in Romania

Most interesting tourist destinations in Romania

Most interesting tourist destinations in Romania

For those who think this year exploring the homeland and have not yet established route, TripAdvisor conducted a ranking of the ten most beautiful tourist destinations in Romania.

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Vlad the Impaler officially recognized town of Dambovita in 1459, being one of the settlements with numerous palaces, many of which are in good condition even today, says TripAdvisor. Four subway lines and a modernized transportation network transporting tourists and residents above ground. Nicknamed “Little Paris“, the elegant architecture of the twentieth century, the capital of Bucharest confirms its title, is still notable French influences. Unmissable journey through Bucharest is the Village Museum, the Romanian Peasant, Romanian Athenaeum and the People’s House, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, as shown capital Bucharest.


Mountain town center, a harmonious fusion of different elements with modern life and traditional charm with a special invites you to discover its secret places, according to TripAdvisor. After the bus ride through the city, allowing you to admire in detail, you can sneak Rope street, the narrowest street in Europe. During a day trip you can visit the fortified church in Prejmer, the sanctuary bears Libearty or Bran Castle, also known as Count Dracula‘s famous castle. Unmissable are also Brasov and Adventure Park Square, as recommended by one of the leading travel portals in the world.


“The city of Cluj-Napoca is the unofficial capital of Transylvania and although you will probably not come across vampires here, you can explore castles, fortresses, botanical gardens and parks Museums, all of a unique beauty,” notes TripAdvisor. Cluj-Napoca is described as a city with a vibrant artistic life that combines traditional and progressive. There are a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy classical music concerts, theater performances, puppet shows at theaters and music from every genre, from jazz to modern pop and electronic music. Unwind at The Dungeon, the first game of escape room in Cluj, the national theater or botanical garden.


Palace from Oradea is simply epic considers TripAdvisor editors. Turned into a museum, the building of the eighteenth century houses a park with a statue of bronze and marble, Transylvanian folk art and a collection of remains of animals that includes dinosaur fossils. You could spend days here, but it is recommended to book your time for other city attractions, such as buildings outstanding Art Nouveau from Republic Street, the astronomical clock of the Church with Moon or thermal waters from Baile Felix .


Sinaia is considered famous for its natural beauty and medicinal properties of its mineral springs. Known as the “Pearl of the Carpathians”, the small town is very welcoming and offers multiple activities of leisure, including castles, alpine activities such as hiking or skiing, visiting the monastery of the eighteenth century which is still inhabited.

Targu Mures

Targu Mures is a fusion of cultures Romanian and Hungarian. Palace of Culture in this city is “amazing and very relevant from a cultural standpoint, hosting museums, Teleki-Bolyai library, a concert hall and a lovely room with mirrors,” writes TripAdvisor. The largest music festival in Romania is held here every year (Peninsula Festival), confirming the status of the city as the epicenter of the arts.


Clock Tower in Sighisoara is “great lady” of the city, reigning high and proud hilltop office. Founded by Transylvanian Saxons in the twelfth century, the citadel listed as UNESCO and holds medieval cobblestone streets well maintained, but also buildings and other structures as old and wire TripAdvisor observed. Here you can find the house where Vlad Tepes was born, which served as inspiration for Bram Stoker character Count Dracula.

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The great city of Iasi is a cultural and political center since the XVth century. The Culture Palace (Palace of Stephen the Great) or Union Square and to the great churches, everything is full of history, including Hebrew. The first Hebrew newspaper was published here, and the Great Synagogue of Iasi, dating from the seventeenth century, is the oldest synagogue in Romania. Unmissable are Palas Mall and Three Hierarchs Church, shown on TripAdvisor.


Sibiu’s historic center is closed from the original walls of the fortress dating from the twelfth century. Start your pilgrimage in the Market Square, home to the Brukenthal Palace, which houses turn Brukenthal National Museum’s main halls. Lower Lower Stairs Passage to Sibiu, and be careful how you behave when you step on the Liars sounds warning to TripAdvisor editors. Recommended are also the ASTRA National Museum Complex and Lake Bâlea.


Often dubbed Little Vienna, Timisoara is full of lovely Austrian influences visible in architecture, cuisine and culture. Pedestrian center of Timisoara is divided into two markets and highlights exceptional architectural masterpieces, shown on TripAdvisor. Unirii and Victoriei markets and Orthodox Cathedral are the major attractions of the city.

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English: Romanian sub-groups – Transilvania Mountains area, Romanians in original goral folk-costumes from Cluj Napoca. Pictures taken in August 2008. Wisła. Poland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A young man from Brazil who spent more time in our country and wrote on his Facebook account and impressions about Romania Romanian.

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