Intact ancient ship discovered on the bottom of the Black Sea

bottom of the Black Sea

The news of the discovery of an intact ancient ship preserved on the bottom of the Black Sea, a thousand miles deep along the Bulgarian coast, has recently been around the world. “It is the oldest ship in the world, 2,400 years old”, announced the Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project (MAP) team, which has conducted research in Bulgarian waters for three years. The international project is carried out by specialists from the University of Southampton, UK, in collaboration with researchers from institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, United States of America. Experts researched more than 40 wrecks, many of them unmatched, descending to depths of over 150 meters underwater submarine robots (ROV).

New data has thus been collected about the history of mankind and navigation since ancient times, as the Black Sea is considered one of the best underwater laboratories due to the deep-free oxygen layer, which makes it possible to keep vestiges better than any other marine environment. The spectacular result of “the largest maritime expedition” (as it is known) will be featured in a documentary by BBC awards and will be broadcast on specialty channels.

Cape Tuzla is considered a Bermuda Triangle in the Romanian Black Sea, due to the relief and currents. Here was also the first littoral on the seashore, which came into service in 1900. It still works today, passing in 1958 from the oil lamps to electricity. It is 44 meters tall and has a beam of light that beats within a radius of 20 nautical miles to the height of 62 meters. It has two intermittent white lights and a fixed red light indicating to seafarers that they are in dangerous, shallow waters.

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