How to stay safe when traveling alone in a foreign country

How to stay safe when traveling alone in a foreign country

How to stay safe when traveling alone in a foreign country

Nothing compares to holidays alone. If you have not tried this before, travel bloggers recommend trying this experience, following some tips to keep you safe.There is no better way to discover the world than to conquer it by yourself. But, one of the most beautiful experiences, many do not have the courage to go on their own in a foreign country.

How does it feel to travel alone in a foreign country? – Quora

Traveling alone in a foreign country is like being in a love-affair relationship. It oscillates between extreme highs and extreme lows, with long-stable periods of in-between often including boredom. Except the relationship is with yourself. Trave…

Reader’s Digest has produced a list of the most important tips that travel bloggers take when traveling: Learn common phrases to help you communicate with locals Beyond basic words such as “greet”, “goodbye” and “thank you”, it is essential to learn terms and phrases that can help you communicate with locals in case of emergency. Whether you need guidance to the nearest hospital or if you need help to call the police, knowing key phrases will speed up your communication skills. Do not be afraid to hide the truth Knowing locals along your journey can be an interesting experience, but if the questions make you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to hide some of the truth for your sake. Keep in mind the habits and culture of the place Keep in mind the culture of where you arrived when you choose the clothes you wear. If you are dressed in a way that locals find it inappropriate, you will attract attention and possible conflicts.

Find out what topics you should avoid Discussions with locals are one of the best ways to learn more about the places and cultural habits of the area. But take care of delicate topics that could hurt you. Avoid discussion topics such as communism in Cuba or the royal family in Thailand, for example. Tell someone about your daily schedule Always send your flight information, the hotel you are staying, tour information and daily plans. If anything happens to you, it’s important for a trusted person to know where you were last. Do not expose valuable objects The most important thing pocket thieves are looking for are the expensive rooms hung around the neck of the tourists or the smartphones left in the back pocket. It is advisable to have a bag in which to put all your valuables that you can not miss. Take the technology seriously Rely on your mobile phone and the internet when you travel. If the map does not help you, Google Maps can tell you at any time how to find your way back. Use headphones with responsibility One of the most important senses when it comes to safety is hearing. It may be nice to put your headphones off and move away from your own world when you are on a bus, in a waiting room or even walking through a new city. But, it is very important to remain vigilant and not distract from what is happening around.

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Nov 22, 2015 Hola everyone, and welcome to my channel. This is the first installment of my How to survive videos, here I have 5 main tips on how to deal with living alone

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