How to get your car ready for holiday trip

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How to get your car ready for holiday trip
How to get your car ready for holiday trip

If we choose to go on a holiday car, specialists recommend us to make some mandatory checks, which can keep us off of the inconvenience. Even if we are not a car specialist, a few simple things are at hand.

Of course, any automotive specialist recommends that before you go on a longer journey, such as the one on vacation, go to service for a car repair. It is the best advice, but if you do not have time or do not think you need to call a service you have to do some basic checks.

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trips – YouTube

Jun 28, 2016 Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 48 years, shows how to get your car ready for that summer vacation trip. This video is sponsored by …

1. Braking system The braking system of the machine is very important for safety. If noises are heard when you brake the brake, if the pedal is too soft or heavy, if there is a tremor when braking, you should call a specialist. Do not ignore any signal the braking system sends. It is important that you can stop the car safely.

2. Oil level Checking the oil level is especially important before you go on holiday. Checking is done when the engine is cold and the car parked on a straight surface. Remove the dipstick, wipe it, then reinsert it into the engine and remove it again. If the oil level is at the bottom of the mark on the dipstick, fill it with oil. Also, if you get closer to the time you need to exchange oil, the advice of the specialists is to do it before you go on the road.

3. Fluid level Also check the fluid level in the expansion vessel and the windscreen fluid container. The liquid in the expansion vessel must be between the minimum and maximum levels indicated on the container. Windscreen washer fluid is added whenever its level decreases.

4. Check the tires Before you go on the road, check the tires, both their pressure and the degree of wear. For summer tires, it is important to check the depth of trenches on the tread. It should be 1.6 millimeters. Maybe not many people know, but this depth allows water to drain when the car is running on a wet surface. The advice of the specialists is to change them if this depth is lower. To easily check this wear level, the tires are equipped along that indicator recess. If the level of those indicators is at the tire’s running level then it should be changed. When checking the tires carefully look at their circumference. If more worn or other deformation occurs, you must go to a car service to check. Tire pressures must be checked periodically, not only before leaving for leave. It must correspond to the instructions in the machine’s technical card. Pressure is also important for determining the optimum fuel consumption of the machine.

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5. Lights Do not go on holiday by car if it does not work on all the signaling, driving or driving lights. The conditions in which you drive (night or day) may also change depending on the occurrence of mist or rain. It’s important in traffic as other drivers to see you and to know your intentions to change the direction of rolling at some point. Also, the passing lights must be adjusted correctly to avoid disturbing the other drivers.

6. Climate For family comfort, taking into account the summer vacation , the optimal operation of the air conditioning system is important.

7. Windscreen wipers , spare wheel, documents, and medical kit Last but not least, you should check that the windscreen wiper works normally if it covers the entire surface of the windscreen and leaves some traces that can obscure visibility while driving. Also, be sure to check if the machine is equipped with a spare wheel or at least with an anti-pin kit, car extinguisher and medical kit (mandatory).

7 ways to get your car ready for spring – Business Insider

Mar 20, 2016 Chris Phutully/Flickr Winter is shifting toward spring in much of the US, and that means it’s time to get your car ready for warmer weather.

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