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Hotel where you can stay for free if you are completely naked

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Hotel where you can stay for free if you are completely naked 11
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Hotel where you can stay for freeIt may be risky to send nude photos with you to your partner or partner. You never know when his or her intentions may change or when other people accidentally discover the pictures with you on his / her phone. That being said, would you be willing to go naked for a free stay in a hotel?

This is exactly what the staff of the Seven Art network in Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide and Brisbane (Australia) are asking you to make your selfishies completely naked or naked.

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These hotels are involved in an artistic program between May 1 and June 15, which gives customers the opportunity to choose to be different, as the Daily Star says . All you have to do is spend a night in a room, you are offered a device to take a picture, and you just have to surprise yourself in pictures as your mother gave you.

You are the one who chooses which of the photos to be distributed and will then be sent to artists via an encrypted link. They will create an artistic work from your naked picture, which they will send you back in a few weeks, the source quoted. The artists promise they will erase the naked picture once and for all.

The purpose of the artistic program is to make people dare to be and feel different (and naked) to “celebrate individualism and feel free.” Of course, those who do not trust enough and do not want to send their naked picture, can publish it to Instagram and have the chance to win a free stay in the hotel.

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