Holidays (almost) perfect – last-minute offers, peak business season

Holidays (almost) perfect – last-minute offers, peak business season

Holidays (almost) perfect – last-minute offers, peak business season

Since you have not decided when and where to go on holiday? Want something cheaper?

You can always opt for a last-minute holiday, an offer which everyone wins.

Holidays (almost) perfect - last-minute offers, peak business season 1

The number of tourists in recent years have chosen a last minute holiday destination has increased from 700,000 in 2012 to nearly one million in 2013, and then to over one million in 2014. Last year, only between June to August, according to data National Statistics Institute, more than 500,000 tourists went on vacation abroad.

And that given that tourism operators say that from year to year and last-minute market grew. Basically, those waiting for an offer seasonal art are more and more.

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How tourists plan their vacations

Over 35% of those who go abroad planning their vacation a few months before and opt for deals that can be reduced by 50% compared to the list price. A profitable consumer behavior and agents, who sell packages in large quantities and gain secure.

“The main business is in the market for early-booking.Around 35% of tourists plan their holidays in advance.  There is a category that buys a ticket a few weeks, a month before leaving on vacation.  Those who opt for last-minute bids are in proportion of 14% of all tourists, “said Elena Anghel, managing director of Prestige Tours.

Profile tourists who choose to take a holiday package last minute is not complicated, explains.  It’s the kind of tourist flexible, which could not provide the time period that will leave or did not have money when campaign discounts, they prefer to wait astfle offers cutting edge big discount.

And over the total number of  it is estimated that around 150,000 expected this type last-minute deals.

How does last-minute market works

Last-minute deals are launched only a few days before starting the stay and shall be “dedicated” bargain hunters. For example, one of the specialized sites are an offer for seven days in Antalya, Turkey. Sunt disponibile 12 locuri. 12 places are available. The list price was 630 euros for a stay, all-inclusive, five-star hotel.  Tourists have a choice, on the said platform between four such hotels, which offers the whole package from 445-617 euros, depending on the accommodation chosen.

Specialists in tourism have an explanation. “The operator remains on the last day booking a few places left. Both the hotel and on the plane or bus.  To not lose launches last-minute offer, which may offer a minimum fee or even zero QUITE so as not to lose what he paid in advance, “said Codrut Gâdinceanu tourism specialist.

“There are situations where major tour operators resort to small agencies to sell seats, for a fee of 7-10%.  Not only earn a few euros to tourist, but a small agency can come up with a package to its destination and has good commission to deal with market players in the country, “adds Gâdinceanu.

In conclusion, everyone wins, nothing is lost.  Elena Anghel, managing director of Prestige Tours says that each agency has its policy and provide discounts to both transport and accommodation, depending on the number of vacancies.

Gâdinceanu argues that massive cuts are made precisely to avoid pierderilr agencies, even if the remaining seats are sold without profit. . Operators say the domestic market also has its risks.  If in one year sold well a particular destination, next year may be a weak, tourists looking up to another destination, even if it was satisfied that stay.

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