Sulina to Istanbul

Iancu Avram, the Romanian hero who breaks barriers to swim, has reached his destination. He crossed the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul.

There were 680 kilometers, more than the initial estimate. At the end of the race we swam and the Bosphorus Strait, entirely. It was a race with many difficulties, all the way.

After 89 days, the Romanian arrived on September 16 at Mila 0 of the Danube, at Sulina, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. To reach the end of the 2,860 kilometers, Avram Iancu overcame his own barriers, struggling to the last moment with fatigue, the grueling effort, the discomfort of the skin made parchment by so much state in the water, the wounds.

Avram Iancu a plecat inot spre Istanbul

Avram Iancu, bibliotecarul din Petroşani, care a parcurs înot Dunărea fără costum de neopren, vrea să stabilească un record mondial, acesta urmând să înoate ...

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