Habits that destroy our holidays

Habits that destroy our holidays

Habits that destroy our holidays

We long for months after a well deserved holiday, make plans and savings thinking of weekends where we will recharge your batteries and leave behind the hectic pace of life. The problem is that the desire to feel better get to make mistakes that leave us turn upside down.

8 Common Habits That Destroy Your Success – Forbes

Oct 26, 2014 Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We do things intentionally or subconsciously that impede rather than advance our success.
— Holiday preparations, but also the behavior that we have when we leave feeling good sabotaging the extent that many come to us sick just when we hope to relax or get back to work more tired than before the holidays. It is a fact highlighted by the results of a Dutch study that found 1 in 30 people accuse various health problems exactly the leave, while 8 out of 10 people who were unable to relax on holiday and whose health status is leisure worsened managed to feel much better until after they have found a job less stressful.

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We organize effective Three weeks before we left on vacation become extremely stressed at work, he explained Managing Director Society for Stress UK, Neil Shah. “In these few weeks, the level of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, increases greatly, and the minute we relax our immune system collapses and become more susceptible to illness,” as he said. It is important to leave to start planning far in advance, especially regarding the delegation of responsibilities during the training are gone, because these are issues that are proving extremely stressful, as pointed specialist in stress management. We starve to lose weight in record time Another major mistake we make before we were to leave in the summer draconian diets, specifically to starve in the desire to look better in a bathing suit. A very low calorie diet, by 800-1200 calories per day, induces a state of stress in the body that reacts to starvation. The immune system is affected in this situation, it is no wonder that we get sick more easily, are more prone to indigestion and other digestive problems, we have no energy, as pointed out Allerton for Huffongton nutritionist Elaine Post. We fail to disconnect Dependence on technology has become a source of incredible stress, and when we can not give up the phone and social networks even during holidays, the stress level remains constant, even if it makes us realize how bad this situation. Numerous recent studies have shown that mobile phones used in excess leads to insomnia, tension, and anxiety palpable. Ideally, during the leave to check mobile phone once a day. The first two or three will be most difficult if we want to impose such a rule, but the physical and mental benefits worth the effort.

We eat too much and drink too much alcohol The worst choice you make after the period in which we starve trying to lose weight fast is like the holidays to eat too much and drink too much alcohol. A survey conducted in Britain showed that in the first day of vacation and consume 5,700 calories and excess food not only tired body, but we can also book a whole series of unpleasant medical surprises. Even if you’re vacationing, try to make it two or three units of alcohol per day for women and no more than four men. A unit of alcohol is equivalent to a glass of spirit (40 ml), a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. It is good that after every alcoholic beverage you drink a glass of water to prevent dehydration and hangovers. Not least, the lost nights and increased alcohol consumption during the holidays are the main causes leading to arrhythmias and tachycardias. Not hydrated enough High consumption of sodas and alcohol during holiday days, and lazing under the burning rays of the sun, but take care to drink enough water, are behaviors that lead to dehydration frequently. Dehydration and tired body, affecting the proper functioning of the kidneys, causing muscle cramps, so all reasons not to feel good vacation. Adjustment problems Headaches, insomnia, nausea, constipation and diarrhea often occur when traveling abroad and fail to adapt for several days. Time difference, climate change, changing diet and the place where we sleep are all aspects that affect our wellbeing leave.

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