What you have to do before you go on holiday to leave everything safe

leave everything safe

Before you go on vacation , you may be so focused on packing all the things you need on vacation and forget to take all the necessary steps to leave the home safe.

House protection is a constant concern of every person, especially during holidays . Mary Cecchini, founder of Living Big, a company that creates inspirational stories for women, says you never have to leave home without taking any safety precautions, writes rd.com. Pay your bills If you do not pay your bills online, you plan to pay them before you go on vacation. “I do not like to connect to bank accounts or credit cards when I use free Wi-Fi for security reasons,” says the  travel expert. Notify the bank before departure “Sorry, your card has been rejected,” is not a phrase that you want to hear after having enjoyed a dinner on vacation. The bank may suspect a fraud attempt if it sees an unusual activity, such as repeated payments to different countries, “.

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Make sure you leave everything safe and secure at home before you go. For peace of mind during your break, don’t forget to follow these tips for home security.
Make the necessary food for when you come back An empty refrigerator is not what you want to see when you get back from vacation. “I keep foods in the freezer that can be heated the day after we get back or until we have time to go to a grocery store ,” says Heather Delaney Reese, travel blogger. Adjust the thermostat “The Environmental Protection Agency recommends regulating home temperature by about 10 to 15 degrees more than outside,” says Richard Ciresi. This will prevent the appearance of mold. If you are traveling in the winter, ask a neighbor to turn the taps so that the pipes do not freeze.

Hide your valuable assets The best place to hide valuables is simple objects, such as a cup or a guitar, where thieves would not think about looking, says Emily Long, a home security expert. “For larger and more expensive goods, use a safe. The best options are generally secured on a wall so they can not be moved, “says Long. Hide your mobile safes in a closet. “There are also a number of smart safes that use biometric access and send security alerts to your smartphone if someone tries to open them,” Long added. Do not leave the spare keys in sight “Do not keep extra sets of sight keys,” warns the expert. Collect all spare keys on the terrace, sills or flower pots. Give a set to a trusted neighbor or friend, if you need to enter when you are on holiday. Schedule the lights An excellent option to keep up with new inventions would be to purchase a lighting system that can be programmed when you are not at home. “Set them to open at night in some rooms to make thieves mistaken. Having the light on during the day is a signal that nobody is at home, “Long warns. If you want to make your home better, there are tools that simulate the shadows of family members when you are not home.

Disconnect electrical appliances Before leaving, disconnect all electrical appliances, TVs, DVD players and all current power consumption when you are not using them. If you really want to save energy and money, buy advanced power bands. The tape will prevent the use of electrical power when not in use.

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