French travel icon affected by a devastating fire

French travel icon affected by a devastating fire

A massive fire broke out Monday night at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris at about 7 pm, and the destruction was devastating. There are no known causes of fire, but it is suspected that fire would have started from renovation work.

The French authorities say I do not think it was a criminal hand. The long, gothic tower fell under the flames an hour after the outbreak of the fire. The roof of the cathedral collapsed as well, having a wooden structure.

Notre-Dame Catholic Cathedral in Paris was severely affected by a devastating fire , but the two emblematic towers and structure of the edifice were saved. French sportsmen, and not only them, have suffered, sending emotional messages on social networks. But people in the sport have gone to the deeds too.

The Paris Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral, but it is difficult to know because the flames have consumed much of the evidence. The first pictures inside the historical monument appeared.
We still know very little about the origin of the huge fire that destroyed Notre Dame in Paris on Monday, April 15th . After several hours of hesitation, the Paris prosecutor opened a Monday night investigation for “involuntary fire destruction,” The investigations conducted by the Regional Department of the Judicial Police may be extremely long and delicate. According to the first elements of the investigation, it is true that the fire broke out shortly before 19 o’clock. A local fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is triggered around 18:50 local time. Several hundred firefighters spoke for hours to quench the flames of the historic monument. Very quickly, the fire that broke out somewhere in the attic in the upper area of ​​the edifice contained a tower that broke and collapsed inside. The investigation was entrusted to the criminal brigade of the police, due to the complexity of the investigations and the extent of the damage, writes Le Parisien. A crash track is privileged. On the sides of the cathedral there were scaffolding for renovation work. Investigators study the hypothesis of an outbreak caused by a welding work carried out on the wooden grate.

The shingle is very old, a part of the wood is decomposing, spongy, a weld or a short circuit can cause an undeniable spark for several hours, even days, which can turn into a burning fire. Judicial experts will have to find where they started the fire to determine whether they are negligent and who is responsible. The fire broke out at peak time, when the center of Paris, including Ile de la Cite, the island of Sena where Notre Dame is, car jam. In fact, the pictures say it all. Instead of departing from the fire, many Parisians and tourists went to the cathedral, while 400 firemen tried to get as close as possible. One of the most dramatic moments was the collapse of the cathedral‘s tower or fleece, as it is said, that is, that arrow-shaped tower from the middle of the cathedral, which was 93 meters high. With the fleece, the roof over the impressive length of the cathedral collapsed, 130 meters. Although they intervened with 16 cannons of water, all that the firemen could do was to fight the outbreaks they could access outside of the monument. No one knew what remained inside after the roof fell. It was believed that the Gothic columns and arches of the stone were also likely to be affected, but it was hoped that the structure of the abode resisted the shock.

Disturbing, torrid images. Paris travel icon burning like a torch Monday night in Paris . The emblematic monument in the heart of the capital of France, which lasts for 850 years, has been disfigured by a devastating fire, apparently triggered by restoration work.  The long, central tower, rising to 96 meters, collapsed under the flames, with some of the roof.In Catholic Weeks, people had knelt around the edifice and prayed. They prayed that the firefighters, the 400 fired firefighters, would turn off the fire. Save the Gothic masterpiece. At four in the morning, after nine hours of fighting, the flames were gone. Notre-Dame was standing. With his famous twin towers resisting heroic.

L’Équipe did not forget that every year, runners admire Notre-Dame in the Paris Marathon. He recalled that in 2009, the last stage of the French Tour passed by the cathedral, with Alberto Contador wearing the yellow shirt. And, long ago, between 1905 and 1945, L’Auto, the opener for L’Équipe, organized the rowing race under the shadow of the famous medieval building.Athletes, especially the French, but not only them, suffered, sending emotional messages on social networks. “My heart burns,” wrote Evan Fournier , the basketball player at Orlando Magic, complemented by Sarah Ourahmoune, Olympic boxing champion: “Our history burns.” While André-Pierre Gignac, the footballer of Tigres, watched with distant pain as “900 years of history goes into smoke.”

Inside, the damage is lower than we would have expected, given the violence with which the flames were manifested. The first pictures inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which were severely damaged on Monday night by a devastating fire, appeared. Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo , quoted by a Le Monde journalist, says there is a huge hole in the vault, near the place where the tower has fallen and collapsed over the nave, but the altar and cross are full. Also, the chief architect for historical monuments, says that in large part, the “treasure” is saved. On Tuesday there will be an inventory of the paintings of the chapels around the nave, which may have been blackened by smoke or water. “What is worse is avoided, even if the battle has not been fully won,” the head of state said on the spot, on the steps of the edifice. But “we will rebuild this cathedral,” he promised.

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