Five ways that travels changes your life

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Five ways that travels changes your life
Five ways that travels changes your life

There are life situations that change, define you, and travels are no exception. Here are seven reasons why travels change your life. In addition, the recommendations include as many lessons as you can learn, most of the time with the smile on your lips, from neighboring and remote cultures.

5 Reasons Traveling Changes Your Life

These moments are transformative; they take us out of our element and remind us of why we are here. Here are five reasons traveling will change your life.

You meet newness every step When you get out of home comfort and leave behind familiar elements – like language, weather, food, people – you start to look at the world and yourself from a new light. Things that seemed to you uncomfortably or frightening before – to take a meal alone in a restaurant or to plunge from somebody who knows what rock in the blue waters of a distant sea – do not give you creeps on your spine and you can see that you are capable to launch in growing challenges. If you are planning a trip to India, consider what it is like to be ambidextrous. Both hands have a precise purpose in India, and the right hand is to be used when you eat. If you eat with your left hand, expect strange looks from the locals, because it is rather preserved for “bathing”, that is to wash yourself. This practice is also encountered in Sri Lanka and in parts of the Middle East.

You become more flexible and easier to adapt to the new one Sometimes, moments can take unexpected turns when traveling: canceled flights, unpredictable weather, and possibly falling asleep during a train / bus ride and missing the station. The good part is that you learn how to do it in any situation, find new solutions and, most likely, afterwards, tell your story with your mouth to the ears. Brazilians, for example, give punctuality a completely different meaning than you are used to. If you are invited to the table in a Brazilian house, consider taking one hour later, not at all fixed or earlier. For the Brazilians, it is commonplace to meet at least one hour later than they have been set up, in order to give them enough time for the host to prepare. So stay a little longer at the beach, you can see the sunset and then go to the party; obviously later, but actually on time.

The world is starting to open you more and more ways You will notice that, once you have opened your mind and heart in the face of events, places and new people, the world ceases to look hostile and begins to truly be a better, more open place to receive you and treat you as an outstanding guest . Gradually, the fear of exposure to the new disappears and allows you to become more connected to the space you are in and the moments it will give you daily. If you were invited to someone’s house in Japan , as a sign of honor and respect for the house of the host, you will have to leave your shoes at the entrance. But keep your socks. It is considered a lack of respect to go barefoot through their home. Do not worry if you have holes in your socks, Japanese homes often have sets of “uwabaki” (indoor slippers) for their guests. When the food is served, join the chore to the noodle without shyness; to eat with the related sounds is absolutely encouraged in Japan.

You come to understand and appreciate deeper the other cultures When you are surrounded by people from other countries who share different visions and traditions of your own, you realize that the world is a much larger place than the corner in which you were, whom you considered your universe. By crossing its borders, you come to appreciate things from a new perspective, understand different lifestyles and, moreover, notice remarkable similarities between you and the people you come across. If you ask the Swedes to describe their country in one word, the term “lagoon” might be their favorite. A typical Swedish term, because it can not be translated into one word, refers to “as much as it should” or “enough for everyone”. More specifically, it is about being and having too much, not too little, keeping and doing everything in general with moderation and fairness, reflecting the equality and equilibrium that Swedes have as values. Therefore, when you travel to Sweden, practice a “lagoon” to fit you more easily.

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