Five places on Earth where human access is forbidden

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Anywhere in the world can be visited if you have money and desire to see, but there are places on earth where no man is allowed.

Surtsey island
In 1963, an underwater volcano in Iceland waters erupted. Soon a new island formed by 2,7km square.Immediately attracted the attention of many researchers from different countries, it is an exceptional example of a new formation island. Since then the island of Surtsey, named after the mythological Surtr (leader of the fire giants) was used only for scientific purposes, the area is restricted to tourists.

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Ilha de Queimada Grande

The area is located 35 kilometers from the Brazilian coast, the island looks like a piece of paradise. To visit this island tourists could pay with their own lives, because it is full of poisonous snakes. Snake population was estimated at 4,000 species. The most dangerous is the spearhead golden viper venom it is three times stronger than the normal vipers. Its bite causes instant death. Brazilian authorities banned visiting Ilha da Queimada Grande, known by the nickname Snake Island.

One of the Adaman islands in the Bay of Bengal is home to tribes dangerous. Sentries native avoids any contact with civilization and resists any attempt of intrusion. According to researchers, more than 60,000 Aboriginals have spent years isolated from the rest of civilization. This population actively defend their territory, for example in 2004 drew an arrow helicopter Indian government. This fly zone after a tsunami, to make sure that residents are safe. The last victims were a group of fishermen lost after their death the authorities have restricted area.
Ise grand shrine, Japan

In Japan the most important shrine of Ise Jingu temple in the country is. The temple is surrounded by a high wooden fence, only senior priests and imperial family members have access. until 1945 the temple was more difficult to access. The altar was separated from the rest of the Miyagawa River.Monks were clearly forbidden to cross the river. They believed that foreigners might violate the sacredness of the altar.

Gruinard island

In 1942, the British government bought Scottish island of Gruinard for testing biological weapons, particularly anthrax. During experiments, anthrax polluted territory for a long time increases mortality by 95%. By 1980 the island was the deadliest place on Earth. By 1986, researchers ,, cleaned ” the island in 1990 is considered safe. But no one tried to live here. Experts warn that anthrax spores remained in the soil of the island, which means that there is an environment for people.


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