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Filmed in the bathroom of a top hotel

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Filmed in the bathroom of a top hotel 11
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Filmed in the bathroom of a top hotel

A Chicago woman sued the Hilton chain and claimed 100 million dollars after being secretly filmed by a shower man and then trying to blackmail her with the captured images. The woman learned about the video when she got a link to posting her on a porn site.

The woman whose identity was not made public claims that the incident happened in July 2015 when she was staying at Hilton Worldwide’s Hampton Inn and Suites hotel in New York, according to Daily Mail . She learned about the nude movie when she was posted on an adult site in September last year, receiving a link from the hotel employee. He wrote to the woman that she was not a perverse, but she liked to follow the pictures. He promised to delete the video if he gets additional pictures. “I did not know who shot it. I had no idea who this guy was, and all I thought was my life was over, “says the victim. After she ignored her emails, the man started sending the women’s pictures and coworkers, asking him $ 14,000 to wipe them out. Pictures of the woman in the shower were then published on 12 adult sites. The woman sued Hilton Worldwide for negligence and emotional aggression. She said the hotel was responsible for having the employee access to all her data. Moreover, the woman has to constantly check pornographic sites to delete the clip with her.

“I was simply traumatizing, they are colleagues I had at law school. They’re friends, they’re colleagues. And they got an e-mail link that seemed to be sent by me, “the woman says. The woman sues Hilton Worldwide for negligence and emotional trauma. It tries to continuously monitor pornographic sites if the video is reposted.

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