Fascinating records about cars

Fascinating records about cars
Fascinating records about cars

Regardless of the decade, the machines remain as fascinating to people. Carmakers are trying to keep up with fashion and cars evolves from one year to another. Here are 10 records about cars.

1. The car with the highest mileage of 4,890,993 km run. It is a 1800s Volvo manufactured in 1966.

2. Kate Lawer is record holder running around a car. This was surrounded by a car five times 18.35 seconds.

3. The speed record achieved by a production car is 435.31 km / h Hennessey Venom GT set a.

4. The smallest car in the world measured 63.5cm functional.

5. Kevin Fast of the Guinness World Record as the man who shot most cars, 15 in number. The record was set in Canada on October 25, 2014.

6. Race with the most participants took place in California, and gathered 216 cars at home.

7. On 29 April 2000, 25 people were crammed into a VW Beetle in Kremser, Austria . They entered the Guinness Book.

8. In September 1960, in an attempt to set a new speed record of Donald Campbell crashed at 579 km / h.He entered the Guinness Book of Records as the man who survived the impact with the fastest speed.

9. The fastest police car is in ItalyLamborghini Gallardo is a fabulous speed reaches 370 km / h.

10. The oldest functional car is La Marquise , a car manufactured in France by De Dion Bouton in 1884.

BBC – Autos – Most fascinating race car of 2013: Peugeot 208 T16

Dec 30, 2013 It came, it saw, it conquered. Piloted by the most successful rally driver in history, the hatchback obliterated the Pikes Peak Hill Climb record.

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