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European country that closed for “maintenance”

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European country that closed for "maintenance" 11
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European country that closed for "maintenance"

We are accustomed to closing companies over the weekend, but closing a whole country is a rare thing.

Recently, however, the authorities of the Faroe Islands, a North Atlantic country, have announced it is closing for “maintenance,” Euronews writes. Premier Aksel V. Johannesen said that all tourist sites would be closed for workers’ teams to save them.But visitors from abroad who want to give a helping hand will be welcomed and even free food and accommodation will be offered.

Maintenance work includes arranging alleys in rural areas, building observation points to protect nature and birds from invasion of tourists, as well as the location of signs on tourist routes to help them not to wander.
These measures have been taken as a result of the avalanche of tourists who have recently discovered the 18 volcanic islands that are part of the country, between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic.
With more than 60,000 tourists a year, and after Atlantic Airways launches direct flights from Paris in July, the authorities fear that the archipelago could be stormed by strangers, as happened with neighboring Iceland.

Voted in 2015 to be seen by National Geographic readers and recommended by experts of the prestigious magazine and called “perhaps the most interesting place on Earth” by the New York Times, it is no wonder that international stars such as Pamela Anderson, Bryan Adams John Cleese come to the Faroe Islands to escape the crowds of big cities. They and other tens of thousands of tourists.

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