Euopean country will pay it’s citizens to cycle

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The Netherlands has 17 million inhabitants and 23 million bicycles. In order to encourage people to use this means of transport more and more, the Dutch Government is willing to pay it monthly.

A Dutch citizen will earn € 0.19 per kilometer if he renounces the car and goes bicycle to work, according to CCN. In addition to rewarding cycling, the Dutch authorities are considering investing in the infrastructure needed to adopt this means of transport. The Netherlands will invest 345 million euros in the bicycle infrastructure. These are 15 new routes, which will be integrated into the so-called “bicycle highways”, the creation of 25,000 bicycle parking spaces and the renovation of 60 warehouses. “I want to make sure that people can easily get to work, school, visiting family or friends,” says state secretary Stientje van Veldhoven. Bicycle is a popular means of transport in the Netherlands. In 2016, over a quarter of all journeys in the Netherlands were covered by bicycles.

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