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Elton John supports George Clooney’s boycott on Brunei sultan hotels

Elton John supports George Clooney's boycott on Brunei  sultan hotels

British singer Elton John (72) supports American actor George Clooney ‘s call (57) to boycott luxury hotels related to the Brunei sultan, a wealthy South East Asian oil state that is preparing to punish death in the case of homosexuals or committing adultery.

Elton John, who married David Furnish’s partner in 2014, congratulated George Clooney on Twitter for “taking an attitude toward anti-gay discrimination in Brunei – a place where homosexuals are brutalized, boycotting sultan’s hotels,”. “We have to send a message,” he added, saying he and his husband had “refused to” stay in one of these hotels for a long time and would not do so in the future. ” Intending to join others in his approach, the artist, known for songs like “Your Song,” “Sacrifice ,” or “Candle in the Wind,” cited a list of “boycott hotels”, including The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane in London . Contact Sunday afternoon with AFP, The Dorchester representatives did not comment. George Clooney urged boycott nine luxury hotels related to the Brunei sultan.

On April 3, “the state of Brunei will begin to kill by stoning and whipping any of its citizens considered homosexual. Understand well, “wrote the actor. The new legislation in Brunei, located on the island of Borneo, also provides for the amputation of a hand or foot for theft. This 430,000-strong monarchy was led by sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in 1967. The progressive introduction of the charity was announced in 2013 but the implementation of these measures was delayed by practical issues and opposition from human rights defenders . The Sultan is “one of the richest people in the world” and holds the “Brunei Investment Agency”, which in turn owns “nine of the world’s most prestigious hotels,” continues George Clooney.
The Brunei prime minister’s office sent a communiqué on Saturday that the country has a “double judicial system,” an Islamic one, which applies only to Muslims (more than two-thirds of the population), and another civilian, all citizens of the country.

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