David Beckham, the first footballer to reach space

David Beckham, the first footballer to reach space

The former British international, David Beckham, could become the first footballer to reach space, the British star being in talks with a specialized carrier,

Sources close to David and Victoria Beckham (photo) have told the British press that former Manchester United captain has already had the first talks on eccentric travel with representatives of a space transportation company. “It’s something he has been thinking about for a long time. David was more cautious in the past, but now that space travel is becoming more and more close to reality, he really takes such an experience seriously,” said the source for The Sun. Beckham, now 43 years old and father of four children, could even jog a little with the ball during this trip. A major impediment will be the lack of gravity attraction, but it seems that no one considers this aspect. In the chase after promotion, space transportation companies are looking for stars for such trips. Richard Branson, the head of Vigin Galactic, claims that in the very near future his company will organize space travel flights up to 100 kilometers altitude.

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