Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas traditions around the world

Every country on the planet marks the birth of Christ differently from other nationalities. We could say that dinners, gifts under the tree or family parties that happen to us is the most authentic way to celebrate Christmas.

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How many Christmas Traditions and Christmas Customs came into being and how they are celebrated. The History of Christmas.

Santa Claus comes to the beach in Australia We all know that Santa Claus delivers gifts in Romania with a large sled pulled by reindeer. Obviously the climate , because virtually every winter, Christmas snowing. Well, there are situations where respite from Santa sleigh in favor of other means of transport. Such as, for example, boat. Every year at Christmas, Australia‘s beaches are full of people who come to meet Santa Claus and enjoy the gifts transporting motor boat in the ocean waves. Of meeting and banquet is missing Australians bringing with them the best food that we prepared in the kitchen.

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Instead of Christmas tree, decorated mango In the tradition of Christians in India there is the idea of ​​adorning trees. Thus, the more Christianized gave up all fir tree with green, for others closer to their warm climate. It’s about mango or banana trees. These trees every year on December 24, are adorned with colorful lights and globes. Children gather around the tree and sing carols. Also in India, and oil lamps are used to decorate the outside colored housing.

“Dun Che Lao Ren” comes to China “Dun Che Lao Ren” is the Chinese name of Santa Claus. As in other countries around the world, he comes every Christmas Eve to all good children and give gifts. Christmas party in China organize always dressed in numerous houses lights, paper lanterns and garlands. Christmas dinner is composed of fine cuisine and portraits of ancestors are brought into the main room of the house so that they can participate in the feast. Furthermore, children receive no sweets but clothes and new toys.

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Christmas traditions vary from country to country. Christmas celebrations for many nations include the installing and lighting of Christmas trees, the hanging of  …

Bag with gifts, buried in snow If other countries Santa Claus give gifts that you carry the bag under the tree decorated, well not the same thing happens in Sweden. According to local traditions, Christmas Day, children discover the gifts in a bag that Santa bury it in the snow.

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