Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be “resolved” relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better to avoid holiday period July-August for a trip to Venice, and February, when the famous carnival takes place locally. And expensive are the busiest times of the year. Tourists complain about the unbearable smell of water in summer. May-June and September-October are reasonable both in terms of price and the reduced number of tourists or temperatures.

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 Accommodation near Venice A ticket bought in advance can bring substantial savings. Another option would be for the trip in the lagoon to stop in a long vacation through Europe by car. Either way you choose, it is good to reserve accommodation at home and time. Venice and not in the city, because the city has no tourist periods of respite, but only periods of “low season” and “full season”. In most hotels in Venice prices can be, depending on the month of almost prohibitive, over 200 euros per night. Therefore, if you want to make savings, find around Venice, Mestre Marghera or fractions continental lagoon wide range of accommodation at low or very low. The two extensions are the “heart” of the Venice Industrial arisen since construction of the commercial port and city are related to high waters between a highway and railway bridge. In fact, Venice has over 240,000 inhabitants, but over 170,000 of them live in Marghera and Mestre actually. In Venice, actually, there are about 70,000 permanent residents, not counting the tens of millions of tourists who come here annually. Accommodation options in Marghera and Mestre are camping, where the price starts from 10 euros per night per person or hotels from 25 euros per night, prices much lower than any district of Venice.

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The Adriatic Sea /ˌeɪdriˈætᵻk/ is a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula and the Apennine Mountains from the Dinaric …
 Use public transport If you choose accommodation in the suburbs, you never have to worry that a permanent stay in the heart of Venice, the lagoon because transport is very well developed. Bus schedule starts early in the morning and ending late at night, so you will not miss the nocturnal charm of Venice. It is good to know that many campgrounds have dedicated transport at very convenient hours, workplace accommodation and to “People Mover”, the newest mode of transport for tourists and residents who commute outside the city. It is, in fact, suspended a tram linking the port area and Piazzale Roma parking. The ticket costs 1.3 euros per person and can be bought from vending machines placed in both stations. Moreover, it is just best not to go by car, because in Venice you can not travel by car. Parking prices, be it from the port either at the railway station near Piazzale Roma, they are quite steep and can reach tens of euros a day.

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Once released the details of transport to northern Italy in beautiful Venice, accommodation and transportation from the hotel to the lagoon, you only have to turn into one of the most fascinating travel in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All roads lead to San Marco Square Since the first steps in Venice, the beauty is overwhelming. You divine meeting with the city ever since cross the bridge connecting the mainland to the lagoon, an endless expanse of water. But first contact with the perfect architectural jewel that is Venice is indescribable. It could be compared with the presence of a woman conscious matchless beauty that makes the favor to lift the veil and let you admire perfection. You can live in Venice, uncontrollable, or Stendhal syndrome “tourist disease” overwhelming physical condition that causes exposure to art forms very beautiful, a shock that can be felt concretely and physically in front of city splendor. As most earthlings who carry out their entire lives on firm ground, staggering Venice, bathed by the waters, intrigues the senses and balance.

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The mix of old and modern Venice is today a fully functional city, extremely active and alert, but with an architectural framework of other times, you can only leave you in front of inventiveness and human intelligence. To find the solution unmatched by which to tame nature, raising a city on unstable marshes and waters of the Adriatic, making this “domestication” a unique place in the world, a gift to humanity that crosses time.

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Not just the Biennale. Not just the Gallerie dell’Accademia. And not just the Film Festival and the Golden Lion. A vacation in Venice doesn’t necessarily have to be monopolized by cultural activities. It’s fine to keep watering your artistic expertise
And even if you start to Venice for romance that made her famous and without exception, and the coldest hearts soften, you’ll soon be overwhelmed by art, spirituality and history pulsing from every pore of the lagoon. Republic of Venice was the greatest naval power in Europe for 800 years, a large shopping center for luxury goods such as silk and spices, but also slaves, the start of the Crusades, but also flourishing fine arts and Commedia dell’Arte. Babel Tower of Venice Most likely, the journey begins to step through Venice along the Canal Grande, describing an “S” huge across the city. It appears feel that time will not ever get to see the whole, to discover the mysteries and stories. Mission impossible because, administrative, Venice consists of 118 islands and is divided into six parts, called sestiere: Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Polo, San Marco, Cannaregio and Castello. Has more than 120 churches, hundreds of “home” and palaces, 175 channels with a length of 38 kilometers and 398 bridges.

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 If you do not know where to start, it is better to leave swept away tourists who speak all languages of the world, a Tower of Babel that shows its origins moving through exotic skin colors. Each of them has a camera or even a mobile phone devices that never ceases to announce yet capturing a frame. Millions of photos are in Venice every minute and acutely conditioning could not turn their heads in a 360 degree rotation covering everything. Invariably, all roads lead to “per Rialto” and “San Marco per” two of the most important sights of Venice. Moreover, at the end of the day you will realize that in Venice Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square can not be avoided even if you propose. You will understand and smiles or local irritation when asked about the two goals. Their signaling through street nameplates is omnipresent, but also because, invariably, all streets converge at a time, to Rialto or San Marco. magnet Venice One of the most popular places in the world, Piazza San Marco is the “magnet” undeniable Venice. Here, a lot of people who do not cease to make Selfies and their cries admiration for his masterpiece lagoon, are “collected” some of the most beautiful works of humanity: Doges Palace Venetian Basilica of San Marco, the Clock Tower (Clock Tower), Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, built by Sansovino, the Prosecutor and the Belfry San Marco, where Venice can be seen from above, purchase, for about 8 euros.

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Unlike most historical places in Venice, to fall into ecstasy, literally, in Piazza San Marco, it is free. So visit the Basilica of San Marco, a place where riches were collected from all over the world, but we must be prepared to stand in a queue that seems endless. Free is access to the Rialto Bridge, the famous bridge in Venice over the Grand Canal, on whose “peak” after you sit patiently in a queue of tourists in constant motion, you can capture some of the beautiful snapshots of Venice. Obviously not be missed “Bridge of Sighs”, which connects the Doge’s Palace the former city jail. From this bridge, the convicts could admire for the last time before being imprisoned, blue sea, with a beautiful lookout point in San Marco Square. Depending on budget and time allocated trip, you can check the list as many sights, the palaces, the “house” and to churches and exhibitions prices starting from 5 euro. Vaporetto and gondola ride, unmissable Venice experience can not be complete without a gondola ride, which costs between 80 and 100 euros, but may become cheaper if you are in a group of tourists. You will witness a unique mastery of gondoliers, handling almost mysterious craft famous Venetian low heights under bridges and narrow channels, semnalizându and gestures and sounds just her presence known through the houses whose foundations are mashed in water.

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Unmissable rides are “vaporetto” public service water transport in Venice, ACTV. It makes regular trips along the Grand Canal, the Giudecca Canal, the second most important channel of the lagoon around Venice, with stunning views over the city and the islands of Murano, famous for processing traditional glass, and Burano , famous for its brightly colored houses and the art of embroidery, or the Lido, the famous resort “in” high. Prices start from € 6 vaporetto, a ticket valid for 60 minutes, the best cards 24 hours, which costs 20 euros, to one of seven days, which costs 60 euros. Street food is available Lastly, if you start out with a low budget, you should pay attention to the price of food. Venice is very expensive in this area, many restaurants in the lagoon and the owners did not hesitate to charge hefty meal overlooking the Canal Grande or even devious channels in May, but close to the center. Lunch costs around 25 euros and dinner with Italian specialties can reach 30-50 euros per person if you take a drink. Without counting the numerous shops with sweets specialties, highly attractive and colorful. If you have not proposed to make Venice a culinary trip, you can soothe your hunger for the many “pizzeria” street and sandwich shops, where dishes cost between 3 and 5 euros. With patience you can find, concealed among Venetians homes and supermarkets, where prices even if they are not comparable to those on the mainland, are available. Also be tested famous ice cream “gelato” with the wonderful flavors of the earth. A portion average costs 3 euros.

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Abandon the streets of Venice Admitting that you have ticked almost all the targets on the list, a day or even a few hours Venice must leave to get lost in the streets. Put the map in your backpack and abandoned maze Venetian streets. Here palpitate together the old Venice, mysterious and romantic, but this day, the people who come home with a boat, spread their colorful clothes between two buildings and chattering on the phone in the window of a house-monument. Venetian streets throbbing charm Take time to lie down on the pavement of a street that ends in a channel, enter the small chic shops and see the market for vegetables and fruits, but also the fish stalls that seem collect all sea monsters known or yet undiscovered.

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Even if you wander in an apparent dead end, stay calm. In the end, all roads are paths in the heart of Venice and go to “per Rialto” and “San Marco per”.

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