Change in long-haul flights operated by Lufthansa

Change in long-haul flights operated by Lufthansa

Change in long-haul flights operated by Lufthansa

Lufthansa has improved its services to ‘business class‘ customers flying long distances, making them available at an offer of restaurant are served by flight attendants, news agency DPA.

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Lufthansa Reservations Phone Number: 1-800-645-3880. Lufthansa Technical Support Hotline Phone Number: 1-866-953-2294. Lufthansa Airlines in India Reservation and Information contact numbers. Phone 1: 1800 102 …

This service is included on A380 flights from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul and Johannesburg to Frankfurt and back.

Starting October 1, the service will be expanded and Boeing 747 flying from Frankfurt and from October 25 A340 airplanes from Frankfurt and Munich to Asia and the Middle East.

The new service of ‘business class‘ has already been tested on about 130 flights. From the point of view of aviation company, passengers should feel like a restaurant. Passengers stewardess, you take command and set the table with porcelain plates and cutlery, writes DPA.

The food will be brought directly from the galley of the plane passenger seat and there will be no food trays or carts in such a ‘business class‘.

The new service offers a similar features to those of other airlines in the Gulf region as ‘Emirates‘ and ‘Etihad’. Lufthansa aims to become the first five-star airline in Europe and North America, DPA news agency, quoted by Agerpres .

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