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Intact ancient ship discovered on the bottom of the Black Sea

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bottom of the Black Sea


bottom of the Black Sea

The news of the discovery of an intact ancient ship preserved on the bottom of the Black Sea, a thousand miles deep along the Bulgarian coast, has recently been around the world. “It is the oldest ship in the world, 2,400 years old”, announced the Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project (MAP) team, which has conducted research in Bulgarian waters for three years. The international project is carried out by specialists from the University of Southampton, UK, in collaboration with researchers from institutions in Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, United States of America. Experts researched more than 40 wrecks, many of them unmatched, descending to depths of over 150 meters underwater submarine robots (ROV).

New data has thus been collected about the history of mankind and navigation since ancient times, as the Black Sea is considered one of the best underwater laboratories due to the deep-free oxygen layer, which makes it possible to keep vestiges better than any other marine environment. The spectacular result of “the largest maritime expedition” (as it is known) will be featured in a documentary by BBC awards and will be broadcast on specialty channels.

Cape Tuzla is considered a Bermuda Triangle in the Romanian Black Sea, due to the relief and currents. Here was also the first littoral on the seashore, which came into service in 1900. It still works today, passing in 1958 from the oil lamps to electricity. It is 44 meters tall and has a beam of light that beats within a radius of 20 nautical miles to the height of 62 meters. It has two intermittent white lights and a fixed red light indicating to seafarers that they are in dangerous, shallow waters.


ghosts of the black sea

for those who likes this doc watch?v=R-wdHizE2VM watch?v=_8eU77XvhZ8 watch?v=NU0lwuT_oqQ watch?v=GubH-kNO31E Seven years ago, on his third ...

Five ways that travels changes your life

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how travel changes your life

how travel changes your lifeThere are life situations that change, define you, and travels are no exception. Here are seven reasons why travels change your life. In addition, the recommendations include as many lessons as you can learn, most of the time with the smile on your lips, from neighboring and remote cultures.

5 Reasons Traveling Changes Your Life

These moments are transformative; they take us out of our element and remind us of why we are here. Here are five reasons traveling will change your life.

You meet newness every step When you get out of home comfort and leave behind familiar elements – like language, weather, food, people – you start to look at the world and yourself from a new light. Things that seemed to you uncomfortably or frightening before – to take a meal alone in a restaurant or to plunge from somebody who knows what rock in the blue waters of a distant sea – do not give you creeps on your spine and you can see that you are capable to launch in growing challenges. If you are planning a trip to India, consider what it is like to be ambidextrous. Both hands have a precise purpose in India, and the right hand is to be used when you eat. If you eat with your left hand, expect strange looks from the locals, because it is rather preserved for “bathing”, that is to wash yourself. This practice is also encountered in Sri Lanka and in parts of the Middle East.

You become more flexible and easier to adapt to the new one Sometimes, moments can take unexpected turns when traveling: canceled flights, unpredictable weather, and possibly falling asleep during a train / bus ride and missing the station. The good part is that you learn how to do it in any situation, find new solutions and, most likely, afterwards, tell your story with your mouth to the ears. Brazilians, for example, give punctuality a completely different meaning than you are used to. If you are invited to the table in a Brazilian house, consider taking one hour later, not at all fixed or earlier. For the Brazilians, it is commonplace to meet at least one hour later than they have been set up, in order to give them enough time for the host to prepare. So stay a little longer at the beach, you can see the sunset and then go to the party; obviously later, but actually on time.

The world is starting to open you more and more ways You will notice that, once you have opened your mind and heart in the face of events, places and new people, the world ceases to look hostile and begins to truly be a better, more open place to receive you and treat you as an outstanding guest. Gradually, the fear of exposure to the new disappears and allows you to become more connected to the space you are in and the moments it will give you daily. If you were invited to someone’s house in Japan, as a sign of honor and respect for the house of the host, you will have to leave your shoes at the entrance. But keep your socks. It is considered a lack of respect to go barefoot through their home. Do not worry if you have holes in your socks, Japanese homes often have sets of “uwabaki” (indoor slippers) for their guests. When the food is served, join the chore to the noodle without shyness; to eat with the related sounds is absolutely encouraged in Japan.

You come to understand and appreciate deeper the other cultures When you are surrounded by people from other countries who share different visions and traditions of your own, you realize that the world is a much larger place than the corner in which you were, whom you considered your universe. By crossing its borders, you come to appreciate things from a new perspective, understand different lifestyles and, moreover, notice remarkable similarities between you and the people you come across. If you ask the Swedes to describe their country in one word, the term “lagoon” might be their favorite. A typical Swedish term, because it can not be translated into one word, refers to “as much as it should” or “enough for everyone”. More specifically, it is about being and having too much, not too little, keeping and doing everything in general with moderation and fairness, reflecting the equality and equilibrium that Swedes have as values. Therefore, when you travel to Sweden, practice a “lagoon” to fit you more easily.

15 Ways Travel Changes You! – YouTube

Oct 18, 2016 Travel changes you in many ways. In this video, 15 full-time travellers share how travel has changed their lives. ✈ Want to travel the world and …

Second Titanic will begin trip to New York

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titanic 2 ship

titanic 2 shipAustralian billionaire Clive Palmer recently announced that he will resume the construction of the transatlantic Titanic II, the true copy of his predecessor, the RMS Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912, during the inaugural race, causing more than 1,500 people to die out of over 3,300 on board .

The new ship will be completed and will be launched in 2022, following the inaugural race at exactly 110 years after the original Titanic. At this inaugural race, Titanic II would go through the original route from Southampton (UK) to New York (USA). For financial reasons, there will be a pre-inaugural race from Dubai to Southampton. Additional rescue boats In addition to the modern navigation and safety systems, as well as additional lifeboats, the transatlantic will be, in detail, almost identical to the original Titanic. It has been very important to extra lifeboats – in fact, covered modern lifeboats, which can lead to a total of 800 people – precisely because in the case of the original Titanic, the lack of boats was one of the factors that greatly increased the balance of tragedy. The cabins will have the same look as in 1912, as well as the salons and restaurants, and even the famous staircase that appeared in James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic. Even the number of people on board will be similar: 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. Passengers will also benefit from 835 cabins, split, as well as the RMS Titanic, in the first, second and third classes. A delayed dream Blue Star Line, owned by Clive Palmer, is working on the Titanic II project in 2012, as originally planned to begin shipbuilding, to be launched in 2016. The start of the construction was postponed in 2012 due to pecuniary disputes with the Chinese builder, and the following year, Clive Palmer had a number of financial problems and the project was postponed to early 2014, then to the end of 2014. The size of Clive Palmer’s fortune is considerable – one billion US dollars in 2015 – but the cost of the Titanic II project is: 700 million dollars. In 2015, a new dispute between builders and one of Palmer’s firms delayed construction, but a court forced the Chinese to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, which brought the project back to the top. But despite the announcement of a 2022 launch, a spokesman for Blue Star Line, contacted by The Guardian, said that in fact a concrete date had not been set, that the works had not yet begun and that the new contracts with the builders have not been concluded.


The most isolated island in the world

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most isolated island in the world

most isolated island in the worldThis is the small French island called La Reunion. It is located in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mauritius. It is an isolated island and the town is called Cirque de Mafate. 

8 of the World’s Most-Remote Islands |

But what about faraway islands of adventure? Are there any that remain in this modern age? Some of the mostremote points on the planet are islands so far …

The most isolated village in the world hosts 800 people is a 100-square-meter valley. Cirque de Mafate has been isolated from the rest of the world millions of years ago. It happened after the collapse of a volcano. Access is possible on foot or by helicopter.

The first inhabitants were the Africans escaped from slavery. Then came the French farmers looking for a rich land. At present, 800 people live in Mafate. All residents are direct descendants of the original colonists.

There is no running water or electricity in this locality. If a doctor or a policeman is needed, people bring him by helicopter to the locality.

In 2010, Mafate became a world heritage following UNESCO’s decision. This designation brought a great flow of tourists to the island. Those who come here do it to relax and admire landscapes. But also to see species of birds or plants that exist only in this place, the BBC informs.

Tristan da Cunha – Wikipedia

Tristan da Cunha colloquially Tristan, is both a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean and the main island of that group. It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, 2,400 kilometres …

A great day out in Cambridge

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day out in Cambridge

day out in Cambridge

Exciting and memorable days out in and around the Cambridge area.

Audley End House & Gardens

Experience a real life period drama as you explore life above and below stairs at this decadent mansion.

With parterre gardens, ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped parkland, a children’s play area, café and shop, make it a day out for all the family at Audley End House & Gardens.

Cambridge American Cemetery

The tranquil resting place of Americans who gave their lives in the second world war. Explore the contribution made by these young Americans. Through interpretive exhibits, personal stories, photographs, films and interactive displays this new facility is a must for people of all ages.

Cambridge Science Centre

Scientific exploration in the heart of Cambridge. Science activities are hands-on and interactive. Young people learn best when they get the chance to explore and experiment for themselves in a more informal, playful environment.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Beautiful gardens and glasshouses to enjoy all year round. Since its foundation, however, the Botanic Garden has also provided a beautiful place for everybody to enjoy and benefit from – a series of wonderful landscapes through which to discover the drama of plant diversity.

Discover Newmarket

Go behind the scenes at racing’s headquarters and see the equine stars at work. Brush shoulders with royalty during the electrifying Tattersalls sales, see new born foals frolicking in the spring, watch some of the world’s best racehorses galloping on the heath, get up close to some of the most eclectic art in the sport and try your hand at being a jockey on our racehorse simulators!

Ely Cathedral

A ‘wonder of the medieval world’ and one of the most inspiring Cathedrals in Europe. Thousands of visitors come to Ely Cathedral each year, from all over the world. Few are ever disappointed, for there is something here for everyone. Lovers of architecture will rejoice in the many different styles, blending to make the whole. History abounds around every corner, and the beauty created by artists in wood, stone and glass is everywhere.

IWM Duxford

A historic airfield and museum of aviation history, famous for its role in the Battle of Britain.Imperial War Museums owns and operates Duxford Airfield, a celebrated historic airfield that first opened in 1918 and remains operational today.

Kettle’s Yard

A beautiful House that contains a collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics in what was the home of Jim Ede.

The House at Kettle’s Yard contains a collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics in what was the home of Jim Ede, once a curator at the Tate.

National Heritage Centre for Horseracing

Discover a museum, art gallery, live horses, special exhibitions, a restaurant and shop.Meet racing’s equine heroes – they love a pat! For the first time former racehorses can be seen seven days a week with daily demonstrations in the Peter O’Sullevan Arena.

Shepreth Wildlife Park

Zoo and wildlife conservation with creatures from hedgehogs to owls, meerkats and a lynx.Offers a real-life animal ‘Keeper Day’, with a unique, once in a life-time chance to shadow an experienced member of the animal team and get close to nature.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Over half a million artefacts and art from around the world. It owes its foundation to Richard, VII Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion who, in 1816, bequeathed to the University of Cambridge his works of art and library, together with funds to house them, to further “the Increase of Learning and other great Objects of that Noble Foundation”.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the greatest glories of the University of Cambridge. It is a museum of international stature, with unique collections most splendidly housed…

The Stained Glass Museum

A national collection of stained glass – a unique insight into the history of stained glass. All the stained glass panels in the gallery are displayed at eye-level enabling visitors to have a rare close-encounter with the art of stained glass. Temporary exhibitions are also held throughout the year, highlighting panels and designs from the Museum’s reserve collection.

Wicken Fen

Open vistas and vast skies – a window onto a lost landscape. Explore the Cambridgeshire Fens on two or three wheels. Enjoy a peaceful cruise along beautiful Wicken Lode on our electric boat the ‘Mayfly’.  Wicken Fen was the first nature reserve owned by the National Trust.  Wicken Fen is home to some of our rarest and most endangered species.

Wimpole Estate

Escape to Wimpole to take a glimpse of times past and delve into the stories of people who have lived here.

Wrest Park

Explore the evolution of the English garden and take a stroll through three centuries of landscape design at Wrest Park. The historic places in Wrest Park span six millennia and include palaces, houses, hill figures, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts and even deserted medieval villages.

Great Days Out In & Around Cambridge – Visit Cambridge

Great Days Out Around Cambridge – Audley End House & Gardens … Keep an eye out as you go for Wicken’s famous herds of konik ponies and Highland cattle.

A bus trip into Cambridge City 17/10/17

A entertaining ride into Cambridge via Stagecoach and Park and Ride, on a Tuesday afternoon. We went to collect my dads car so we had to take a bus.

Mdina, the city of silence and the nobles

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mdina malta

mdina malta

Close to the heart of Malta, where it should be its place, is the fortress Mdina, which opens your doors to a completely different world and takes you in a fascinating journey in time where you can hardly get away. Situated on a hill overlooking the modern world, Mdina, a historic jewel founded by the Phoenicians 4,000 years ago, was the capital of ancient Malta until the arrival of the Ioannite knights in 1530.

Mdina Malta – Old Capital and the Silent City of Malta – Medieval Town

It was home then, as now, to Malta’s noble families; some are descendants of the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords who made Mdina their home from the …

The thick walls and broad ditch surrounding the city, built during the Arab occupation of the 9th-11th centuries, separate Mdina from Rabat, the city that surrounds it. In order to recreate the medieval atmosphere, the horse-drawn carriages are waiting for you at the entrance to the city, where you can take a tour of the ancient city.In the “Silent City”, as it is known to the locals, nothing has changed for 350 years. You will be fascinated to wander for hours between the debris walls of golden brick, interrupted instead of small windows with lattices or shutters, flower balconies and lanterns. Here’s how time stays in place, and silence and mystery-filled atmosphere make you want to talk like a whisper.

From the main streets with sumptuous buildings, each with a distinct history, the narrow streets, which sometimes cling to a door behind you, find it hard to believe that there is still life. But there is, even a noble one, for this makes Mdina the more special. Beyond the old walls and separated from the world we know, there are only noble families living in Mdina, 80 of them, that is, almost 300 inhabitants, all descendants of some of the oldest families of noblemen in Malta – Normans, Sicilians and Spaniards, have settled on these lands since the 12th century. In fact, Mdina is also called “The City of the Barons.” With luck, on Sunday mornings at Don Mesquita, you can have your coffee with the barons who chew with the new world by browsing the newspapers.
But after a stroll full of history, we are asked to stop for a rustic Mediterranean lunch, and Malta can be a revelation to amateur tourists of new culinary experiences. Although the traditional dish is the rabbit stew (Fenek), Sicilian, Spanish and North African influences have brought seafood, olives, capers, pasta, rice, couscous and an abundance of condiments to the Maltese meals.

We will go to the south of the island, in the small fishing village of Marsaxlokk, where you can feel the full flavor of a fresh fish drawn from the Mediterranean. As soon as you get to the pier, the first instinct will be categorical to remove the camera, because dozens of assorted blue, red, yellow, and white boats are the charm and attraction of the place. The six temples of Haġar Qim On our way to the Blue Grotto, about a kilometer away from the small town of Qrendi, we will visit the Haġar Qim archaeological site, a megalithic complex of six temples built in the Neolithic Age around 3600-3200 BC. hr. That makes Haġar Qim one of the oldest religious sites in the world. The complex was uncovered in 1839, and during the archaeological researches many neolithic female statues were found, which shows that here were rituals for fertility, 5000 years ago. “These temples are made of stone blocks so large that only the giants could have built them,” said Giovanni Francesco Abela, a 17th-century Maltese noble. That’s because the largest of these stones weighs seven tons.
But in order to better understand the value of this place, the entrance museum invites you to a small cinema hall that offers a 4D reconstruction of the temple story, from present to prehistoric times, where you will feel even the storms on your skin who have stumbled over these proofs of ancient civilizations buried for millennia. Nature’s show is in the Blue Grotto A kilometer further south, we meet one of Malta’s most famous tourist attractions – the Blue Grotto, the place where the electric blue of the water leaves you hypnotized. The small Qrendi pier in the cliff offers boat trips to the seven spectacular watersheds for 6 pounds. Although the caves are themselves a natural wonder, the true beauty of the place is revealed in sunny and sunny days, beyond the rocky arcade of 42 meters high. Then magic is happening and you have the chance to see a unique phenomenon – the blue sky is reflected in the white sand beneath the caves, resulting in colored waters in vibrant cobalt and azure shades. In addition, the walls of the caves mirror the orange, purple and green colors of the underwater flora, providing a light and color show.


Nov 19, 2013 The history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. According to tradition it was here that in 60 A.D. that the Apostle St. Paul is said to have …


15 Things You Didn't Know About Malta

15 Things You Didn't Know About Malta | Travel Tuesdays Luxury ...

Tourist ripped off by Venetian Caffe

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Venetian Caffe

Venetian Caffe

An indignant customer criticized a famous cafe, located in Venice’s San Marco Square, after having had to pay 43 euros for two coffees and two bottles of water. The local owner explained that the fault belongs to the one who made the order.

The payment note for two espresso coffees and two bottles of water was handed to a customer of the Lavena Café in the famous San Marco Square in Venice, Italy.

Venice tourists outraged by £85 bill for four liqueur coffees – Telegraph

Aug 19, 2013 The managers of the Caffe Lavena were unapologetic, saying that all prices are clearly marked and that the visitors should have known what …

Juan Carlos Bustamente (62) was so indignant about the 43-euro pay note for four non-alcoholic beverages that he shared his experience on social networks, writes Daily Mirror.

It was charged with 11.50 euros for each cup of coffee and 10 euros for each bottle of water. Caffe Lavena is, however, one of Venice’s key destinations, but Bustamento did not look impressive about this and criticized the bill for too much.
“I do not know what you think, but 43 euros for two coffees and two bottles of water!”, Exclaimed the man on social networks.

“It is theft on the face – shame !!!”, commented Vincenzo Cuius Iuculano. In turn, Caffe Lavena’s representative said he has nothing to reproach, and clients pay a PREMIUM price to relax in San Marco Square.

“People are irritated by the bill, because they do not listen to us when we tell them that it’s MORE cheeky to make OUTWARD than inside. All I do is to get upset. If they want coffee, they can get it from the bar with EUR 1.25. If they want to sit outside and listen to the orchestra, admire the bell tower and the Basilica of San Marco, they will pay differently for this experience. ”

Venice annually attracts an average of 30 million tourists annually.

Vientian Café – 1075 Photos & 809 Reviews – Thai – 3801 … – Oakland

809 reviews of Vientian Café “One of my favorite local spots in the hood. Walk in and bam fish sauce smell to the face!! Nam kao, larb, papaya salad, curry, sticky …

Tips for a cheap holiday to exotic destinations

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holiday to exotic destinations

holiday to exotic destinationsWith a genius plan, creativity and much courage, you can venture into a luxury vacation with an unexpectedly small budget. At the time of Latin language, which many of us have not used for reasons easy to understand, the word “luxury” has a different definition than “a lot of money”. It means light. In physics, luxury is a measure of the intensity of light. Where do I want to go? Lux does not cost. The joy of traveling is not only reserved for those with huge holiday budgets. You can get to places that travel agencies call “exotic” with the money you have in your pocket now. Find out how!

4 exotic destinations for a family holiday

Jan 15, 2018 Looking for an exotic destination for the whole family? These four locations around the world will keep both generations happy.

To begin with, I would say that you can waste your time with this text even if you are not or have not proposed to be a globe-trotter , you have a job with 21 days of leave per year and an average salary in the economy. They are universal travel tips , useful in any holiday baggage and any destination . Sure, after you put your finger on the map, it is necessary to have an applied documentation on the destination you have chosen. But until then, you will find some concrete thingsabout the sites you can consult, prices and tricksfor a substantial budget economy. Some suggestions are common sense, but – maybe – they are so simple and at hand that you have not taken them into account. The good news is that scientists have stated that you will have thousands of new neural connections with every experience that involves adaptive behavior to unknown situations. How is the holiday you’re just preparing to leave.

Last Minute Deals booking ahead of time

The first estimate of a travel budget starts with the cost of accommodation . Depending on your appetite for risk, you can opt for a timely reservation or one of the last-minute hotel and hotel deals . Both variants substantially reduce the cost of a vacation in exotic destinations, otherwise extremely expensive. Some deals include transport packages, so you can get a clear picture from the beginning about the total cost of your trip.

A last-minute package provides a discount of at least 30-40% compared to the list price. The downside is that you must already be on the way to go when you choose your destination and have the money set aside for the entire trip. And, of course, it helps a lot to be open to adventure, some adrenaline, and the minimum risk involved in any planned knee travel at the last minute.

Search for low-cost accommodation options

An alternative to classical hotel accommodation is the hotel- rented apartmentsfor which you find offers on sites such as AirBnb , Homelidays , TripAdviser or . This option is especially useful for larger groups who can afford to rent a whole apartment.

All large sites that collect such offers provide the lecturer with additional information about the place in question: description, pictures, placement on the map, and reviews or ratings from those who rented out there. If you book on a trusted site , it’s almost impossible to be cheated, you have money back guarantee. That does not prevent you from being cautious.

 Choose a city break!

Most of the time, it is enough to make a brief change of landscape, entourage and atmosphere to load your batteries for the next week. A city break is cheaperthan a classic family vacation, it means less money on accommodation and food and, if you are willing to make quick decisions, a smaller budget for transport.

A good strategy is to “hunt” the offers of low-cost airlines and, depending on the discounts you find on the site, decide which will be the next destination.

But you can take advantage of the city ​​break offers that most airlines offer or package agencies offer to visit a European city on a long weekend.

Hunt the off-season promotions

You’ll always find special promotions, accommodation vouchers, or full holiday packages, so it’s a good idea to track travel agency websites to get discounts that are usually offered for a limited number of places.

Subscribe to newsletters – Most travel agencies and travel agencies offer free subscriptions to regular newsletters announcing promotions and new packages added to the list of offers.

Travel during the week

Accommodation at the hotel is cheaper at the beginning of the week when hoteliers try to cover their remaining vacancies. Not only that, but the cities are less crowded by tourists during the week, and some fun cost less than the weekend, when prices are often rising.

Low cost vs. carpooling flights

Carpooling ( blablacar , carpooling , UBER ) significantly reduced transport costs over long distances. Benefits are countless, from the opportunities to find interesting people to a cheaper trip and provide easy access to destinations outside of the tourist map, less connected to public transport. Low-cost flightsare already a click away and also greatly reduce your holiday budget.

Discounts and tourist cards for discounts

Most city tours provide visitors with special city ​​card discounts that offer significant discounts and cover many of the city’s major objectives. Compare the list of discounts offered with your own list of goals you want to visit, and if you think you are making a major cut, buy a card that usually includes both free museum entries and discounts on public transport from the city and the bill in some partner restaurants.

Make a list of your friends abroad. Of course, it is not one of the revolutionary ideas you would expect to find in a top of cheap vacation tips, but it is very helpful. You could resume ties with people that your distance pulled out of your daily newspaper. It’s fun, it’s networking and it’s free. Or almost for free.

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