German tourist found an unusual method to avoid drowning

A German tourist found an unusual method to float in the water after falling off the New Zealand coast and not carrying a life jacket.The man has improvised a floating device in the jeans he wears,…

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The old lady ice skating on Lake Baikal

Her name is Liubova Morekhodova, 78, and her story made in 2018 around the Internet, attracting no less than 30 million views after being filmed by a droning ship while…

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The "bikini hiker" was found frozen

The “bikini hiker” was found frozen

The Gigi Wu (36-year-old), known as The Bikini Hiker for climbing the bathing suit mountains, was found dead 28 hours after she announced, through a satellite call, a hole near…

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David Beckham, the first footballer to reach space

The former British international, David Beckham, could become the first footballer to reach space, the British star being in talks with a specialized carrier, Sources close to David and Victoria…

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