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He crossed the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul

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Sulina to Istanbul

Sulina to Istanbul

Iancu Avram, the Romanian coward who breaks barriers to swim, has reached his destination. He crossed the Black Sea from Sulina to Istanbul.

There were 680 kilometers, more than the initial estimate. At the end of the race we swam and the Bosphorus Strait, entirely. It was a race with many difficulties, all the way.

After 89 days, the Romanian arrived on September 16 at Mila 0 of the Danube, at Sulina, where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. To reach the end of the 2,860 kilometers, Avram Iancu overcame his own barriers, struggling to the last moment with fatigue, the grueling effort, the discomfort of the skin made parchment by so much state in the water, the wounds.

Avram Iancu a plecat inot spre Istanbul

Avram Iancu, bibliotecarul din Petroşani, care a parcurs înot Dunărea fără costum de neopren, vrea să stabilească un record mondial, acesta urmând să înoate ...

The first flying car is put on sale next month!

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first flying car

first flying carA company in China called Terrafugia will launch the first car on the market next month. This is called Transition and it’s a combination of airplane … turning from one to the other.

The car flies at 150 km / h, being slower than the slowest airplane on the market, and will be available only on order, with a cost of between 300,000 and 400,000 euros!

The Chinese hope to sell as many models, saying the car / airplane is very reliable, requiring only a few minutes to turn from the vehicle to the plane. The car has some wings that expand and retreat, depending on how the driver wants to move.

Nothing is said about how the car is taking off, but most likely it goes on the helicopter principle, as shown in the presentation.

World’s first flying car, Terrafugia’s the Transition, to go on sale next …

9 hours ago The world’s first flying car will be available to pre-order next month. A Chinese company called Terrafugia is preparing to unleash a vehicle …

Five “haunted” castles that you should visit

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castlesStories of ghosts, ghosts, vampires, or other unclean spirits continue to fascinate today, and the old legends transmitted since the Middle Ages have enjoyed special media coverage, especially in the US and the West. Not accidentally, television stations such as Discovery, History or National Geographic, as well as major publications, have tried to untie some of these mysteries.The “haunted” buildings occupy an important place in the center of such stories, and many of the castles and imposing buildings that have been erected many centuries ago continue to give chills to people. It is also the case of the Tower of London, one of the most famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the world. A few hundred meters ago, it was said that this building would be haunted by the souls of those killed here during the long period when the tower functioned as a prison. It is said that the most famous spirit that haunts among the old walls would be that of Ann Boleyn, one of Henry VIII’s wives, who was also beheaded in the Tower in 1536. Over time they many testimonies have been recorded by those who have claimed and still claim to have seen her ghost, sometimes carrying her own head in her hands.

Castle – Wikipedia

A castle (from Latin: castellum) is a type of fortified structure built during the Middle Ages by predominantly the nobility or royalty and by military orders. Scholars …

Castle of Fougeret Crossing the English Channel, in France a rival, Fougeret Castle (photo below) has a special fame among tourists attracted by such legends. It is said that the owners renovated this castle in the hope that the ghosts would leave the place, which would not have happened. The castle also has a site and can be visited by tourists who clutter with the thousands in the hope that they will see with their eyes at least one of the ghosts terrifying.Also in France and a castle attracts tens of thousands of tourists through its fame. “Chateau de Brissac” was built in the 11th century and is said to be haunted by the spirit of an adulterous couple. The old legend reminds that a French noble would have surprised his wife with the lover and killed them both. The spirit of the aristocrat, along with that of his beloved man, would haunt the old colors of the castle in an attempt to escape, at least after death, the walls that will not let them escape into the outside world. A similar legend is also the Wolfseeg Castle in Germany (photo below). It is said that he was haunted for five centuries by the spirits of two farmers who had killed the owner’s wife, also accused of adultery.

And Romania has several castles and old boyar mansions that are said to be haunted. The best example is the castle of Iulia Hasdeu, the daughter of Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu. Julia died very young, just 19 years old, due to tuberculosis, and the painful father did not find the strength to go over this terrible event. Campina Castle (photo below) has been transformed into a museum, and many of those who come here are attracted to the legend that says the father and daughter would have communicated through spiritism and that Julia’s soul would still be here .

How much does a night of accommodation in a romanian holiday castle costs

Castle and palace words remind us of a luxurious residence, belonging to kings and princesses, a place where the common man can only take a look timid. In Romania there are residences but a unique beauty, where we can spend a weekend or stay affordable. Many of the former princely residences …


Holidays in a haunted castle | Euromaxx

Reporter Meike Krüger set out to test her nerves. She spent a night in Chillingham Castle in northern England, said to be haunted by several ghosts. The castle ...

Top 5 abandoned islands of the globe

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islands of the Globe

islands of the Globe

People have always been fascinated by the deserted islands, numerous writers, including Daniel Defoe, Robert Luis Stevenson, Jules Verne, and Edgar Alan Poe, dedicating them to famous novels.

Although all the islands of the Globe have been conquered by humans, there are still unpainted earth patches in various corners of the world, bathed in ocean waters. Many of these recall the descriptions of Daniel Defoe in his famous novel Robinson Crusoe, dominated by wild nature, of landscapes that have nothing in common with exotic paradises that we can imagine. The site has compiled a list of some of these places that seem forgotten by the world.

Isolated Islands: Saint Helena – The Official Globe Trekker Website

Isolated Islands: Saint Helena – named after Saint Helena of Constantinople, is a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Henderson Island – The Pacific Ocean patch was included in UNESCO’s Patrimony, being one of the few atolls in the world not affected by the presence of humans. This site provides habitat for 10 endemic plant species and four other birds. Although uninhabited, the small Pacific island of Henderson in the Pacific Ocean is considered to be the most polluted place in the world, having the misfortune of being in the path of a stream that buries its shores in tons of garbage.

Ang Thong Islands – The group of islands in southern Thailand, not far from the lush Koh Samui, offers tourists a different kind of tropical experience. Most of these limestone islands, covered with tropical rainforests and bathed in turquoise waters, are uninhabited, but they are highly sought after by tourists interested in an adventure, but also by a low-budget trip. The archipelago is part of a national park, which is why access is controlled and provided only by some operators who provide kayaking in these unique places.

Jaco Island-  This uninhabited island of East Timor has an unusual story. Considered sacred earth, it was bypassed by the people of the place, and thus remained unpopulated. Its fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters attracted him, however, as a magnet to tourists, who find here a paradise corner left untouched by people. Atoll Aldabra Although less well known, Aldabra in the Indian Ocean is the second largest coral atoll in the world, with about 100,000 giant turtles living here. This is why the area is called “the virgin island of huge turtles”. Over the years, environmentalists have made tremendous efforts to conserve the island and resist plans to build a military base or permanent settlements. The number of tourists who come to disturb the peace of Aldabra because of the geographic position of the island and the high cost of travel, as there is no direct air or water link. Additionally, visitor access is subject to strict rules.

Tetepare Island – The largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, Tetepare has not always been deserted. The island’s original inhabitants lived in scattered villages and spoke a different language, but for unknown reasons, they left the island in the middle of the nineteenth century. Subsequent attempts to turn the area into an agricultural colony have failed, and tropical forests have expanded to cover much of the surface. The descendants of the former inhabitants have set up an association that oversees conservation activities on the island and cares for these places to keep their wilderness. Tetepare is the ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Devon Island – Not all the deserted islands are located in the tropics. It is the case of Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world, located in the articulated area. With a frozen soil almost all year long, with an average annual temperature of -16 degrees, the area is poor in plants or animals. Arid land, frost-free temperatures and isolation provide a good way to test people’s ability to adapt to a life outside the Earth. That’s why the island is used by astronauts to test their equipment and train for future missions on Mars.

16 Irresistible Islands Around the Globe.

Jul 23, 2015 We’ve hit the interwebs to discover some of the most irresistible islands around the globe and come up with 16 of them. Have you been to any …


10 Amazing Abandoned Islands

Here are the top 10 most amazing, beautiful, and even creepy haunted islands, its shocking how mysterious these places are. Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for ...

Gozo, the Calypso Goddess Island

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Calypso Goddess Island

Calypso Goddess Island Just a 25-minute ferry ride from the northern port of Cirquewwa, the island of Gozo, the second largest island of Malta, welcomes you in a rustic and more welcoming atmosphere. In Greek mythology, it is said that the Nymph Calypso was conquered by these places, that he chose to keep him trapped here for seven years on the shipwrecked Ulysses, whom he fell in love with. Among the first things that will attract your attention in Gozo are the quaint houses, standing well on the rocky hills overlooking the sea, which retain the same architecture, but the same color – a honey-yellow color, which gives a harmony to the place. It is said that in Gozo, the locals leave the open doors even when they are gone, criminality being non-existent on this extremely quiet island.

Calypso (mythology) – Wikipedia

Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia, where, according … His patron goddess Athena asks Zeus to order the release of Odysseus from the island, and Zeus orders the messenger Hermes to tell Calypso …
You will, of course, notice the exotic vegetation so different from the temperate climate – palm trees, cacti, eucalyptus and leanders white or red, with a discreet smell. As a matter of fact, the cactus is especially cultivated by the inhabitants, from its fruits preparing their traditional reddish liqueur and cacti sweet. The Goias are full of good will, so that on cool seaside seaside chances, you have a good chance of having a party with honors with Neapolitan peasants, both young and old, spontaneously gathered at a modest terrace. Their mourning joy attracts tourists as a magnet, and at the end of the evening, no one stops.

How Citadella Has Reborn In Gozo, you should not miss Citadella in Victoria, the fortress that sheltered all the inhabitants of Gozo who fled the Ottomans in the Middle Ages. In 1551, Turkish pirates conquered Gozo and took almost the entire population of only 5,000 inhabitants, the island remaining practically unpopulated, and the Citadella almost completely destroyed. The rescuers were once again the Ioannian knights, who banished the Turks and began restoring the island. It took almost 50 years to repopulate the island and rebuild the Citadella. The Story of Citadelle will “enchant you” in a 360-degree cinema hall where you will be invited by the hologram of the Calypso Nymph.

At Citadella, you can stop for a delicious traditional meal at Ta Rikardu, a small, rustic and intimate restaurant with a history of 40 years, where you will be warmly welcomed. The owner, Rikardu, has a small goat and sheep farm that constantly supplies the restaurant so that every morning his wife pulls fresh cheese on the table. Here I recommend you try the rabbit or goat fries, which are the specialty of the house.
Another stop on the island of Gozo deserves to be made at the Ta’Pinu Church in the village of Gharb. The existence of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is connected with many miracles, which now fill the walls of the place with the testimonies of hundreds of people. For this reason, the Ta’Pinu church is the most sought-after place of pilgrimage in Malta.

Maltese fest, between saints and fireworks Malta is an attractive destination all year round, but if you want to surprise it in all its traditional splendor, it’s good to visit it during the holiday season called the “fest”. From May to September, every Saturday, a small village or small town in Malta and Gozo is dressed in a celebration to celebrate with great reputation the spiritual patron, thus thanking them for another year without bad events. Besides the processions where the statue of the saint of each locality is worn on the streets, the fest also means much fun and joy in pure state. The localities of Malta and Gozo enter into a fierce ground fireworks competition, which the Maltese take very seriously and for which they are preparing all year round. The artifacts made by residents are different from what you’ve seen before. Built in the form of continually moving moors, complex devices create a long-awaited and highly owed show by locals. Unfortunately, this game of fire is left almost every year with victims, sometimes with whole families losing because of this almost insane pastime of the Maltese. Besides, if someone dies under these circumstances, he is declared a national hero. Żebbuġ, a small town in the heart of Malta, whose holy patron is St. Philip, organizes one of the most beautiful works of its kind.

How to get your car ready for holiday trip

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get your car ready

get your car readyIf we choose to go on a holiday car, specialists recommend us to make some mandatory checks, which can keep us off of the inconvenience. Even if we are not a car specialist, a few simple things are at hand.

Of course, any automotive specialist recommends that before you go on a longer journey, such as the one on vacation, go to service for a car repair. It is the best advice, but if you do not have time or do not think you need to call a service you have to do some basic checks.

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trips – YouTube

Jun 28, 2016 Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 48 years, shows how to get your car ready for that summer vacation trip. This video is sponsored by …

1. Braking system The braking system of the machine is very important for safety. If noises are heard when you brake the brake, if the pedal is too soft or heavy, if there is a tremor when braking, you should call a specialist. Do not ignore any signal the braking system sends. It is important that you can stop the car safely.

2. Oil level Checking the oil level is especially important before you go on holiday. Checking is done when the engine is cold and the car parked on a straight surface. Remove the dipstick, wipe it, then reinsert it into the engine and remove it again. If the oil level is at the bottom of the mark on the dipstick, fill it with oil. Also, if you get closer to the time you need to exchange oil, the advice of the specialists is to do it before you go on the road.

3. Fluid level Also check the fluid level in the expansion vessel and the windscreen fluid container. The liquid in the expansion vessel must be between the minimum and maximum levels indicated on the container. Windscreen washer fluid is added whenever its level decreases.

4. Check the tires Before you go on the road, check the tires, both their pressure and the degree of wear. For summer tires, it is important to check the depth of trenches on the tread. It should be 1.6 millimeters. Maybe not many people know, but this depth allows water to drain when the car is running on a wet surface. The advice of the specialists is to change them if this depth is lower. To easily check this wear level, the tires are equipped along that indicator recess. If the level of those indicators is at the tire’s running level then it should be changed. When checking the tires carefully look at their circumference. If more worn or other deformation occurs, you must go to a car service to check. Tire pressures must be checked periodically, not only before leaving for leave. It must correspond to the instructions in the machine’s technical card. Pressure is also important for determining the optimum fuel consumption of the machine.

5. Lights Do not go on holiday by car if it does not work on all the signaling, driving or driving lights. The conditions in which you drive (night or day) may also change depending on the occurrence of mist or rain. It’s important in traffic as other drivers to see you and to know your intentions to change the direction of rolling at some point. Also, the passing lights must be adjusted correctly to avoid disturbing the other drivers.

6. Climate For family comfort, taking into account the summer vacation, the optimal operation of the air conditioning system is important.

7. Windscreen wipers, spare wheel, documents, and medical kit Last but not least, you should check that the windscreen wiper works normally if it covers the entire surface of the windscreen and leaves some traces that can obscure visibility while driving. Also, be sure to check if the machine is equipped with a spare wheel or at least with an anti-pin kit, car extinguisher and medical kit (mandatory).

7 ways to get your car ready for spring – Business Insider

Mar 20, 2016 Chris Phutully/Flickr Winter is shifting toward spring in much of the US, and that means it’s time to get your car ready for warmer weather.

How to stay safe when traveling alone in a foreign country

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alone in a foreign country

alone in a foreign country

Nothing compares to holidays alone. If you have not tried this before, travel bloggers recommend trying this experience, following some tips to keep you safe.There is no better way to discover the world than to conquer it by yourself. But, one of the most beautiful experiences, many do not have the courage to go on their own in a foreign country.

How does it feel to travel alone in a foreign country? – Quora

Traveling alone in a foreign country is like being in a love-affair relationship. It oscillates between extreme highs and extreme lows, with long-stable periods of in-between often including boredom. Except the relationship is with yourself. Trave…

Reader’s Digest has produced a list of the most important tips that travel bloggers take when traveling: Learn common phrases to help you communicate with locals Beyond basic words such as “greet”, “goodbye” and “thank you”, it is essential to learn terms and phrases that can help you communicate with locals in case of emergency. Whether you need guidance to the nearest hospital or if you need help to call the police, knowing key phrases will speed up your communication skills. Do not be afraid to hide the truth Knowing locals along your journey can be an interesting experience, but if the questions make you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to hide some of the truth for your sake. Keep in mind the habits and culture of the place Keep in mind the culture of where you arrived when you choose the clothes you wear. If you are dressed in a way that locals find it inappropriate, you will attract attention and possible conflicts.

Find out what topics you should avoid Discussions with locals are one of the best ways to learn more about the places and cultural habits of the area. But take care of delicate topics that could hurt you. Avoid discussion topics such as communism in Cuba or the royal family in Thailand, for example. Tell someone about your daily schedule Always send your flight information, the hotel you are staying, tour information and daily plans. If anything happens to you, it’s important for a trusted person to know where you were last. Do not expose valuable objects The most important thing pocket thieves are looking for are the expensive rooms hung around the neck of the tourists or the smartphones left in the back pocket. It is advisable to have a bag in which to put all your valuables that you can not miss. Take the technology seriously Rely on your mobile phone and the internet when you travel. If the map does not help you, Google Maps can tell you at any time how to find your way back. Use headphones with responsibility One of the most important senses when it comes to safety is hearing. It may be nice to put your headphones off and move away from your own world when you are on a bus, in a waiting room or even walking through a new city. But, it is very important to remain vigilant and not distract from what is happening around.


HOW TO SURVIVE: Living Alone In A Foreign Country – YouTube

Nov 22, 2015 Hola everyone, and welcome to my channel. This is the first installment of my How to survive videos, here I have 5 main tips on how to deal with living alone


12-year-old stole his parents’ money and ran away on holiday

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ran away on holiday

ran away on holiday

A 12-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia stole the parent‘s credit card, tricked his grandmother to give him the passport, and went on a holiday in Bali after a family fight.

Why does my cat run away when we go on holiday? – Quora

Thanks for the A2A. I agree with the other folks responding…very likely the kitty knows the signs that you are leaving and is acting out to send you a message. Maybe even trying to delay your departure! My Cassie gives my suitcase the stink -eye when I’m packing up for a trip. While I’m away she typically hides from the cat …


Angry at his parents after a conversation, the child decided to take a vacation to forget the offense. Although his mother told him he could not go to Bali, the kid proved the opposite. He stole the parents’ background, tricked his grandmother to hand him his passport, and managed to book his own flight tickets through an airline that allowed minors to fly unaccompanied and booked at All Seasons Hotel in Bali, The Guardian shows.

He told his parents that he was going to school, but instead he went to the train station, then took the train to the airport. Using the terminal check-in service, he boarded a plane to Perth, where he made a stopover, then flew to Indonesia. One time he was stopped for acts: in Perth, where he had to present an official at the airport to prove he was 12 years old.

“They only asked for my student card and passport to prove I was 12 years old. It was great, because I wanted a lot to go on an adventure, “the child said, according to The Guardian Australia.   In Bali, he stayed at the hotel, telling his staff that he arrived early, but that his sister is about to arrive shortly.   When he did not get to school, the teachers alerted his parents, who got upset to find him. After discovering the history of internet searches and finding out that he is in Bali, his mother flew to Indonesia to bring him home. “He does not like to hear the word” no “. We were shocked … there is no feeling to describe what we felt when we found out he was out of the country, “said the mother of the child.

Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card

Apr 24, 2018 The boy ran away from his Sydney home after a row with his mother, … The family had previously visited Bali on holiday and Emma said her …
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