Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets

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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the biggest city in the Middle-East and second-biggest in Africa after Lagos. Its metropolitan range is the sixteenth biggest on the planet. Found close to the Nile Delta, it was established in AD 969. Nicknamed “the city of a thousand minarets” for its prevalence of Islamic construction modeling, Cairo has long been a focal point of the area’s political and social life. Cairo was established by Jawhar al-Siqilli “The Sicilian”,among the Fatimid line in the tenth century CE, however the area making the present-day city was the site of national capitals whose remainders stay noticeable in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo is likewise connected with Ancient Egypt as it is near to the antiquated urban areas of Memphis, Giza and Fustat which are close to the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza.

Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets 2



Feb 11, 2010 Cairo; the city of a thousand minarets, that is what Cairo has been referred to in the past, and from time to time, it gets called by that name again …
Egyptians today regularly allude to Cairo as Maṣr ([mɑsˤɾ], مصر), the Egyptian Arabic elocution of the name for Egypt itself, accentuating the city’s proceeded with part in Egyptian influence. Its authority name is القاهرة al-Qāhirah , implies truly: “the Defeater”, in reference to the way that the planet Mars (“Al Najm Al Qahir”) was climbing when the city was founded and also, “the Vanquisher”; “the Conqueror”; Egyptian Arabic articulation: [elqɑ(ː)ˈheɾɑ], “the Defeater” or, ” “the Victorious” (al-Qahira) in reference to the much awaited Caliph al-Mu’izz li Din Allah who touched base from the old Fatimid capital of Mahdia in 973 to the city. The Egyptian name for Cairo is said to be: Khere-Ohe, signifying: “The Place of Combat”, evidently, in reference to a fight which occurred between the Gods Seth and Horus. Sometimes the city is casually additionally alluded to as كايرو Kayro [ˈkæjɾo]. It is likewise called Umm al-Dunya, signifying “the mother of the world”.


Cairo has the most established and biggest film and music commercial ventures in the Arab world, and in addition the world’s second-most established foundation of higher learning, al-Azhar University. Numerous universal media, organizations, and associations have provincial central command in the city; the Arab League has had its base camp in Cairo for the majority of its presence.

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British Airways has been present in Egypt since 1926, and used to direct flights to Cairo and Alexandria, then limited flights to Cairo only with Airbus 321. All Heathrow Airport flights will be moved to Terminal 5 instead of …

With a populace of 6.76 million spread more than 453 square kilometers (175 sq mi), Cairo is by a long shot the biggest city in Egypt. With an extra 10 million tenants equitable outside the city, Cairo dwells at the middle of the biggest metropolitan territory in Africa and the Arab World and in addition the tenth-biggest urban region in the world.[citation needed] Cairo, in the same way as other uber urban areas, experiences large amounts of contamination and movement. Cairo‘s metro, one of just two metros on the African landmass, positions among the fifteen busiest in the world, with more than 1 billion yearly traveler rides.

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