British Airways flight attendant

Stewardes was filmed, dressed in uniform as she smelled her stockings and shoes. “Do you want to smell my shoes and stockings?”  The video was viralized and came to the press. Shortly thereafter, the flight attendant was suspended. British Airways has announced that such behavior is unacceptable and will conduct an investigation.

British Airways suspends a flight attendant for risqué behaviour …

1 day ago British Airways (BA) has suspended a flight attendant for posting a video online that showed her stripping off her tights and presenting her …

There is a market for lingerie, shoes and stockings used by stewardes on the internet. Those who have fetishes related to such items pay even tens of dollars for them on sites like eBay.

“Tents carried by stewardes in international flights. The average size and worn by a high lady. Can be sent washed or not, “is one of the ads. One of the women who sell their shoes on eBay claims that after posting the ad was assaulted with messages from potential customers. Most ask what smell the shoes have.

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Channel. In my first video I speak about being cabin crew for British Airways and how my job allows me to see the world.