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Beautiful places in Italy

Beautiful places in Italy
Beautiful places in Italy

Italy enjoys both a great natural wealth and a spectacular architecture and the combination of the two makes “boots” a highly acclaimed tourist destination. We present the following lines some of the most beautiful places in Italy.

33 Most Beautiful Places in Italy | Ruins, Castles and Italy

The Pink beach stands in Budelli , one of the islands of Sardinia (Italy). This odd beach takes name from the particular pink coral colour of the sand, due to the …

beautiful places in Italy: Positano , Campania

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High on the Amalfi Coast , Positano town is one of the favorite tourist resorts in Campania, not least because it offers exceptional landscape

beautiful places in Italy: Cinque Terre

Italian Riviera offers many beautiful landscapes, but a special place Cinque Terre – a formation of five cities built on the coast that are protected by UNESCO.

beautiful places in Italy: Venice

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, Venice is almost magical at sunset, especially if seen from a gondola.

beautiful places in Italy: Florence

Florence she probably does not need too many entries, but the view from the vantage point of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral city architecture show in all its glory.

beautiful places in Italy: San Pellegrino Pass

In northeastern Italian Alps San Pellegrino Pass is located, where you can find facilities for skiing and climbing and breathtaking landscapes

beautiful places in Italy: Erice, Sicily

On Mount Erice in Sicily is a homonym little village full of medieval ruins. The landscape is changing rapidly from the mountains to the coast in an impressive show of the Sicilian landscape.

places in Italy: San Gigmignano, Tuscany
Tuscan town is, in fact, a common medieval high on a hill – and the scenery on offer is impressive. Inside the village, surrounded by an old rampart, there are many tourist facilities.

10 Italian experiences that every wine lover has to live at least once

Food, Glorious (Italian) Food! « Love on the Rocks – Catie … You’re welcome. Any favorite Italian food experiences you’d like to share? Please post! Stairs- the Positanese alternative to going to the gym. amatriciana arancini food gelato Italy Nutella pizza Positano snacks squid ink pasta … Wine, food, people make Italy an …

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