A British converted camper van in to see Romania

A British converted camper van in to see RomaniaIn the summer of 2013, Briton Mike Hudson decided to quit her job and travel Sheffield world countries. Instead of buying tickets to Thailand, for example, Hudson turned a van LDV Convoy into a veritable caravan. Among the countries they visited gladly include Romania.

After five months of work, the repaired holes and rust on the car body, installed inside a kitchen, a bed and a stereo system, Mike went to travel, write theguardian.com .

Hudson visited the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Portugal coast, the Danube, climbed on the roof of buildings in Bucharest, went to parties in Spain, Hungary and Switzerland and spent Christmas with his family in Athens.

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“I could choose a destination that I have liked more,” said Hudson, who currently is in Greece. “You mean nature? In this case, I would certainly choose the mountains of Romania and landscapes in Spain and Austria. “ Long-haul tourist wants to stay a while in Europe and then to proceed to other destinations: “There are many places that I look forward to see them.”

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