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Entire list of 500 attractions recommended by the Lonely Planet guide. These include unusual destinations such as North Korea’s demilitarized zone and Chernobyl. Romania listed in the monasteries in Bucovina and the Danube Delta and the thermal baths in Budapest Hungary. Unfortunately, the Daily Mail published list is in alphabetical order, so we can not know what lies monuments top place in Bucovina or Delta. The list is and monuments that recall the great tragedies of mankind Monument Hiroshima Memorial Museum and Memorial September 11, the atomic power plant in Chernobyl.

The full list can be seen on the Daily Mail website. Top destinations under 20 In the list of tourist destinations recommended is Wat temple complex Angkor in Cambodia, considered “the place where meet in perfect harmony faith and creative ambition,” writes Daily Mail. 2-10 places are, in order: the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon in the US, the Colosseum in Rome, Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina, Alahambra Palace in Spain Aya Sofya in Istanbul and writes Traveller.com.
11-20 places are occupied by: Medina of Fez, Morocco, the rocks The 12 Apostles in Australia, Petra in Jordan, Tikal in Guatemala, British Museum in England, Spain Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, the island of Santorini Greece, Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, the Old and New Art Museum in Australia. The last places in the ranking Surprisingly, one of the most popular monuments in the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the last places. Specifically, ranked 491 of 500. As soon as it is a destination in Moldova, Orhei. This is followed by: the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco Opera House in Oslo, Kolmanskop in Namibia, Mutrah Souq in Oman, Rock of Cashel in Ireland, Erdene Zuu Kiid of Mongolia, the Grand Palace in Thailand and in last place is National Historical Park Independence US.

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Lovehomeswap.com’s list features nine huge projects in China, such as the giant Phoenix Towers, due for completion in 2018, and the eye-catching Changsha Bridge, to open next year; six in the US, including New York’s answer to the London eye and the …

Orhei, which ranked 492 in the top 500, is a historical and archaeological complex located in Trebujeni, 60 kilometers from Chisinau, the river Raut. The remains found here date back to different historical periods: Paleolithic, Eneolithic, Iron Age and ruins are exposed in successive layers as they were discovered. Here are the ruins of a fortress Dacian century-VI century BC, a fort dating from the fourteenth century, of some Orthodox monasteries, and vestiges of the old city Orhei which dates back centuries XIV-XVI.

Lonely Planet has published so far only recommended destinations in the world top 20 and the last 10. The rest of the 500 seats in list can be found only by those who buy the travel guide Lonely Planet presenting the entire stack, which costs 20 pounds.

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The South African Rugby Union’s Springbok Experience Rugby Museum has been named in the top 1% of world attractions, by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site.

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