12-year-old stole his parents’ money and ran away on holiday

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ran away on holiday

A 12-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia stole the parent ‘s credit card, tricked his grandmother to give him the passport , and went on a holiday in Bali after a family fight.

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Angry at his parents after a conversation, the child decided to take a vacation to forget the offense. Although his mother told him he could not go to Bali, the kid proved the opposite. He stole the parents’ background, tricked his grandmother to hand him his passport, and managed to book his own flight tickets through an airline that allowed minors to fly unaccompanied and booked at All Seasons Hotel in Bali, The Guardian shows.

He told his parents that he was going to school, but instead he went to the train station, then took the train to the airport. Using the terminal check-in service, he boarded a plane to Perth , where he made a stopover, then flew to Indonesia. One time he was stopped for acts: in Perth, where he had to present an official at the airport to prove he was 12 years old.

“They only asked for my student card and passport to prove I was 12 years old. It was great, because I wanted a lot to go on an adventure , “the child said, according to The Guardian Australia .   In Bali, he stayed at the hotel, telling his staff that he arrived early, but that his sister is about to arrive shortly.   When he did not get to school, the teachers alerted his parents , who got upset to find him. After discovering the history of internet searches and finding out that he is in Bali, his mother flew to Indonesia to bring him home. “He does not like to hear the word” no “. We were shocked … there is no feeling to describe what we felt when we found out he was out of the country, “said the mother of the child.

Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card

12-year-old stole his parents' money and ran away on holiday 1
Apr 24, 2018 The boy ran away from his Sydney home after a row with his mother, … The family had previously visited Bali on holiday and Emma said her …

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